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dragon in clash of clans

The Dragons is one of the strongest troops in Clash Of Clans. It has massive health and amazing damage per second. Even a solitary Dragon can create a major effect on the enemy’s base. But, these attributes come at the cost of expensive training and a long training time.

1Basic Information of dragon in Clash of Clans:-

• It is the ninth overall troop in Clash Of Clans

• It has a training time of a whooping half an hour

• It occupies a housing space of 20

• It requires a level 9 barracks for development

• It has a movement speed of 16

• They do not have a preferred target

• They attack both ground and air units and have a splash damage i.e. deal damage over a defined area to all the troops present in it.

2Evolution Of Dragon:-

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

dragon in coc level 1dragon in coc level 2dragon in coc level 3dragon in coc level 4dragon in coc level 5

3Damage Done By Dragons:-


Damage Per Second

Attack Speed (Every 3 seconds)

Damage Per Hit


1 140 2 210 1900
2 160 2 240 2100
3 180 2 270 2300
4 200 2 300 2500
5 220 2 330 2700

4Strategy To Use With Dragons:-


Dragons are beneficial but not usually used in farming. But if you are a Town Hall 10 or 11 player and you’re overflowing with elixir or looking to raid Dark Elixir, Dragons are a great shot. 10 to 15 dragons give you an almost certainty of cracking open the Dark Elixir storage.

War Battles:-

Dragons are a very good choice for Town Hall 7 and 8 battles but both the Town Halls need a different strategy for maximum success. Most of them can be cleared by using only 10 dragons and a Lightning spell

For Town Hall level 7, drop all the Lightning Spells on the Air Defense to take it out and then deploy all the dragons. Now just sit back and relax. At max, the villa will have one more Air Defense but 10 Dragons will almost certainly clear the village 100%

For Town Hall level 8, it gets tricky mainly because people now have level 5 or 6 air defense which are very good. Now you want to clear the perimeter of the villa with your Barbarian King and 1 or 2 Dragons. Also, use the lightning spell to take out the Air Defense farthest to your point of spawning Dragons. To take out a level 8 Town Hall completely, I’d recommend at least level 3 Dragons.

Dragons And Spells:-

If used with Lightning spells or rage spells, Dragons work splendidly. As I said, 3 lightning spells are good enough to take down an Air Defense, and one must take down the Air Defense which is farthest from the spawning point. This is so that the Dragons can easily attack the nearby Air Defenses.

Rage spells too are great to be used alongside Dragons. A well placed rage spell can be far more deadly than a lightning spell. I have seen Dragons tear through entire villages in a matter of seconds under a Rage Spell. It is extremely useful when taking down high health buildings like resource storages or Town Hall.

Dragons For High Level Trophy Farming:-

Dragons are a popular unit to use among the top tier of players and the highest ranges. The basic strategy is the same, the use of lightning spells to take out the Air Defense and then letting the Dragons to the job. This technique is good at higher levels because with this technique you get at least or perhaps mostly one star but one star is very crucial in advancement at higher stages.

Dragons And Inferno Towers:-

Inferno Towers can be very deadly for Dragons. If you are attacking a player who has an Inferno tower, check what mode his Inferno Tower is on. If it is set to single target mode, don’t use Dragons as in single target mode, it will easily wipeout Dragons even if launched in spawns.

5Upgrading A Dragon


Training Cost

Upgrade Cost

Laboratory Required

Town Hall Level Required

1 25000 N/A N/A 7
2 29000 2000000 5 7
3 33000 3000000 6 8
4 37000 7000000 7 10
5 42000 8000000 8 11

6Defending Dragons:-

• Multiple high level Air defenses are essential for success against Dragons

• If you have 2 or 3 Air Defenses, spread them. If not spread, attacks by a Lightning Spell or Dragons under Rage spell can wipe all of them easily

• Make sure your Air Defenses are being protected by high hit point buildings like storages so as to delay the attack of Dragons on them.

7Defending Against Dragons

Dragons are arguably the best Clan Castle unit in the game. This holds true for higher Town Hall levels too. A Dragon is capable of completely ruining an attack and even if it comes out it take a lot of troops to kill it and also wastes a lot of time. As a dragon has splash damage, it can attack many units at the same time which is a big plus. At higher Town Hall levels, keeping a Dragon is very beneficial.

Having the defense of a Dragon and a Barbarian King almost ensures the safety of your Dark Elixir Storage, the most important resource at the time.

8Difference In Appearance Due to Change In Levels

Level 1:-

Initially Dragons have Green-colored skin and Black eyes

Level 2:-

The skin transforms from previously green to now purple. His eyes also turn the color of elixir. He attains the physique which is depicted in the barracks.

Level 3:-

There is again a change in skin color from purple to grayish-brown

Level 4:-

The Dragon now has an ancient look. It’s skin has turned deep red like ancient furious dragons. His eyes have also started flaming

Level 5:-

At level 5, the Dragon attains its ultimate form. The Dragon’s skin turns into a brownish-crimson color. It now has golden horns at the back of his head and also has spikes on his back. Now, the wings are larger than before too.

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