Top 20 classical online videos for Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans has gotten very popular over the years with more people joining in every day and trying to make their way. The popularity of Clash Of Clans can be judged by this commercial

If you've managed to hire Liam Neeson to do a commercial for you in a Super Bowl game, you're definitely doing well.
Below are some videos which may help one understand the game better. The video 

1) Which Troop To Upgrade First 

Many people tend to get confused about which troop to upgrade first as they cost a lot of resources and time and making the wrong decision will probably end things for the worst. Here's a video which handles that concept pretty efficiently.

2) Switching Phones 

When you switch your phone, you can bring your progress with you to your new phone and this video explains how

3) Maxed Out Troops Against Mini Bases 

This video is more of a just for fun type, the youtuber attacks villages with small town halls with P.E.K.K.As and it is hilarious. Also beyond this video too, MasterOv is a great youtuber in context to Clash Of Clans.

4) Playing Two Clash Of Clans Accounts In A Single Device

If you're an IOS user,
Open Cydia and install Social Duplicator

If you're an Android user,

Download this app

Watch the video for a better idea

5) A Beginner Guide To Clash Of Clans

Sometimes before starting a game you need to watch a tutorial to understand the game better and make sure you don't make a newbie mistake right at the start and this video does that

6) Clash Of Clans Defense Strategy

This video is about how to make the most of what you have at Town Hall 5 but the principle involved remains the same throughout the game so people of all the Town Hall levels will benefit from this

7) Attacking Strategy

Again this tutorial is based on Town Hall level 9 but the basic principle here too is unchanged

8) Using Hog-Riders

Hogriders are one of the most impressive unit in Clash Of Clans and are famous because of their ability to jump over walls. Using them can be quite a challenge if you're unaware of what you're dealing with

9) Attacking Strategy(Town Hall 7) 

This guide is different from the previous one because at Town Hall 7, dragons have just been introduced and this tutorial revolves around the concept of using them in the most efficient ways

10) Raiding For Beginners

I for one always sucked at raiding and this video is targeted for people like me and explores the core concepts of raiding right from the scratch

11) Finding The Right Base To Attack

Many a times we spend a lot of time and gold trying to find the prefect base to raid and eventually end up in loss, this video is about how to evaluate a base and deciding whether it is worth the attack or not

12) Clan Wars 

This video tells one everything one needs to know before participating in a Clan War in the minimum time and maximum accuracy. It is great for new players to watch before taking part in their first Clan War

13) Using the Laboratory

This video tells you all their is to tell about operating in a laboratory

14) Making a Farming Base

Below is a step by step tutorial of making a farming base of Town Hall Level 8. The video is very detailed and delivers what it intends to in a very educational manner.

15) Valkyrie

This video is only on Valkyries and emphasizes on the fact that they are the best troops in Clash Of Clans. I don't believe that but the youtuber puts up a great argument.

16) Glitches In Clash Of Clans

This is another just for fun video which shows the viewer almost all the glitches recorded in Clash Of Clans, these glitches can be useful to the player at times but generally end up freezing the game.

17) Attack from a Global Top 3

Watching this video helps one understand the strategy the top players use when attacking villas. It also gives some tips on how to defend such attacks if one is ever subjected to them 

18) Making A Successfull Clan

This tutorial is about making a clan in the game and running it so that you encourage more people to join and eventually rise to the better part of the alliances

19) Getting A Barbarian King

This tutorial is about getting a Barbarian King in a day from when you have reached Town Hall level 7.

20) Barbarian King v/s Archer Queen

Ending this on a funny note, here is a video about a fight between a barbarian king and an archer queen and it gets pretty funny

Above are the top 20 videos I found regarding Clash Of Clans and felt needed to be shared with everyone reading.

Hope it helps you in the game

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