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The Balloon in earlier stages is only used for clearing out villas once other troops take out the air defenses but once you reach Town Hall 9 and the Balloon is upgraded, it becomes one of the most powerful units and also becomes more useful than compared to earlier.

1 Basic Information of Ballon in COC

  • It is the fifth overall troop and the first aerial troop in Clash Of Clans
  • It has a training time of 8 minutes
  • It takes up 5 housing space
  • Its movement speed is 10
  • It can only target ground units while having a preference towards defensive structures
  • A level 6 barracks is required for its development

2 Evolution Of Balloon in COC

Level 1-2 Level 3-4

coc balloon level 1 and level 2coc balloon level 3 and level 4

Level 5Level 6

coc balloon level 5coc ballon level 6

3 Damage Done By a Balloon

Level Damage Per Second Attack Speed Damage Per Hit Hit Points
1 25 1 attack per 4 seconds 100 150
2 32 1 attack per 4 seconds
128 180
3 48 1 attack per 4 seconds
192 216
4 72 1 attack per 4 seconds
288 280
5 108 1 attack per 4 seconds
432 390
6 162 1 attack per 4 seconds
648 545

4Cost Of Upgrading Balloons

Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Level
1 2000 N/A N/A 4
2 25000 150000 2 4
3 3000 450000 4 6
4 3500 1350000 5 7
5 4000 2500000 6 8
6 4500 6000000 7 9

5Strategy To Use With A Balloon

Balloons are the first aerial unit that can be accessed by a player in Clash Of Clans. Once the Air defenses are taken care off launching many of them at a time can clear out the villa in very less time. But keep in mind that they are the slowest moving and slowest attacking unit in the game


Its high cost and high training time makes it difficult to use Balloons for farming. Although at Town Hall level 8 or maybe 9 a Balloon and Minion army can be highly effective but both of them having big training times is a disadvantage. At this cost and time, various other formations can be used which can turn out be even more effective.

Balloons At Levels 1 to 5:-

Balloons are not very effective and useful at their earlier stages that is around Town Hall level 4 to 8. The problem is they are very weak and get a massive update when upgraded to level 6. At the cost of Balloons, formations like [Giants, Healers, Wall Breakers and Wizards], are far more effective and productive than using Balloons. Also at Town Hall 7, Dragons are made available which are far more better than balloons.

The only good time to use Balloons before Town Hall level 9 is when you see a base without an Air Defense(highly unlikely) or with poor Air Defense placement which can be destroyed by swarming with Balloons or other units like Archers.

Balloons At Level 6:-

This is perhaps the biggest level upgrade in the entire game across all units. A 50% increase in damage and 40% increase in health is no joke. It becomes extremely useful if planned accordingly. This is something which leads to something called a 'Balloonian Army'.Balloons are popularly paired with Minions for trophy farming and war purposes. This army primarily comprises of Balloons, with about 20-30 Minions added on. Some players like to bring along 30 Archers or so to deal with the enemy’s Clan Castle units or heroes like Archer Queen or Barbarian King. Minions can perform this task as well just as easily. Using Minions instead of Archers will reduce training time whereas using archers will save Dark Elixir. At last, it is one's preference

The basic principle of a 'Balloonian Army' is to first launch Balloons and let them care of the Defensive structures and then send minions to clear out the villa. One can use Lightning Spells(To take out Clan Castle Troops), Healing Spell(Protecting Balloons from Wizard Towers) and even Rage Spells(clearing out highly dense defensive areas).

Deployment Of Balloonian Army:-

Keep in mind to lure out Clan Castle troops before sending balloons because if there is a Dragon in the Clan Castle, it will wipe out the Balloons because Balloons have low health and don't attack aerial units. You wouldn't want to see 20 of your balloons which took you almost 3 hours to make being wiped out by a Dragon in a minute. The biggest threat to a Balloon after aerial units is a Wizard Tower, if a tower is at the boundary, take it out using other troops or swarming it with Balloons, or an alternate strategy could be avoiding Wizard Towers entirely if you are aiming for a 1 or 2 star win. If the Town Hall is not centrally placed, launch the troops close to the Town Hall to guarantee a win.

6Defending Balloons

As discussed at lower balloons are not very powerful and in fact are so weak that they can be taken out by 2 Air Bombs. A great way to defend against Balloons is pairing up Air Bombs which can take out a group of Balloons in a single shot with the attacker no chance of healing them. At higher levels, there is not much one can do except planning a villa smartly and keeping Dragons or Minions in Clan Castle.

7Defending With Balloons:

  • At low levels, Balloons takes out many units like Giants, Barbarians or Goblins easily because of its splash damage and lack of aerial attacking troops except perhaps the archer.
  • When at high levels, it retains the previous qualities but gets an advantage of high health and damage which can kill high damage dealing units like wizards in one shot, but beware if your Balloon is far from the wizard, the wizard due to being a range unit can attack and destroy the Balloon even before the Balloon reaches above it.

The Balloon is a pretty useful unit if used at the correct time according to development and used with correct strategy. The strategies stated above are some learned by a senior and some developed over time with experience

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