All you have to know about Archers in COC

archer in clash of clans

The Archer is the second unit and first ranged unit in Clash Of Clans. It compensates for its low health and less damage by its range. They have the ability to shoot over walls at defensive structures, resource buildings, etc.

1Basic Information in Clash of Clans:-

• It is the second overall troop

• It has a training time of 25 seconds

• It has a supply cost of 1

• A level 2 barracks is required for development

• Its movement speed is 24

• It does not have a preferred target

• It is one of the most ideal troop for farming

2Evolution Of Archers:-

Level 1-2Level 3-4Level 5Level 6Level 7

archer in coc level 1 and level 2archer in coc level 3 and level 4archer in coc level 5archer in coc level 6archer in coc level 7

3Damage Done by Archers:-

Level Damage Per Second Attack Speed (Per Second) Damage  HitPoints
1 7 1 7 20
2 9 1 9 23
3 12 1 12 28
4 16 1 16 33
5 20 1 20 40
22 1 22 44
7 25 1 25 48

4Strategy To Use With Archers:-

Archer will be the troop you will use the most, it is regularly used since it is launched because it is great for pushing trophies and resources. Its low cost makes it an ideal troop for farming.


Archers are commonly used for farming which I inferred earlier and I believe I cannot farm successfully even at higher levels without archers. But we have to keep in mind that Archers are very fragile and we will discuss how to protect them.


Archers should ALWAYS be spread, even if you want to target a single building, spread the archers around it. It limits the damage an Archer takes from a tower.

Also, never deploy Archers all at once even if your target is concentrated in a small region. Deploy around 20 of them and once more than half are dead deploy more 20, this minimizes the effect of Mortars and Bomb traps.

Archers have very low health and a low level Archer can be killed by a single blow of an archer tower, so it is recommended to always have some tanking troops like Giants to guard your archers from such attacks. This way the archers can deal damage from over the walls without taking much back.

This one is a great advantage. Many times archers can attack buildings outside the walls without being in the range of any defensive structure which helps you clear out all the distraction your further troops could face.

Dealing With Clan Castle Units:-

Archers are the best units to deal with the clan castle units if deployed correctly. Firstly launch 1 archer near the Clan Castle to get the troops out , next launch an Archer at a building which is not in the range of any defensive structures , the units will move toward the archers , once they units are lured away from their base , swarm them with many archers to eliminate them.

5Cost Of Making Archers:-


Training Cost

Upgrade Cost

Laboratory Required

Town Hall Level

1 50 N/A N/A 1
2 80 50000 1 3
3 120 250000 3 5
4 160 750000 5 7
5 200 2250000 6 8
6 300 6000000 7 9
7 400 7500000 8 10

6Defending With Archers:-

Archers are definitely the cheapest-usable clan castle unit mainly because of 3 factors:-

• Descent Damage

• Range

• Ability to shoot Air Units

Also, melee units will have to break the walls to deal damage but archers thanks to their range can attack whilst standing safely inside the walls.

Air units can pose a serious threat, Air Balloons target towers first but if you have 25 level 5 archers in your castle, you can kill a balloon every second!

That is why an Archer is so extensively used.

7Defending Archers:-

 We have talked so much good and very less bad about the archers. First of all no one will ever raid you with archers only so there is a very small window for exploitation of its weaknesses.  One thing that the archer doesn’t have is health, so let’s exploit it.

The aim of any attack is to either destroy the town hall or 50% of the enemy’s building so the basic idea is to not let an archer do that.

Always situate your town hall at the center surrounded by a lot of defense and important buildings, always make the center densely populated with building because an archer hardly ever will reach the center, it will usually die fighting the archer tower at the rim.

And if you place your town hall, at a corner, Archers can probably take it out without being detected by any of your defensive structure.

8Difference In Appearance Due To Upgrades:-

Level 3 – The Archer now has purple hair and the arrows in the quiver are burning.

Level 5 – The Archer’s hair are back to pink but now are covered by a hood and the arrows now resemble lightning

Level 6 – The hair are again purple now but the cape has turned from green to black

Level 7 – The cape of the archer is now lined with a gold fabric and her quiver too has a golden rim. Also her arrows flame up whenever she shoots one.

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