All you have to know about about Barbarian in COC

Barbarian in Clash of Clans

The Barbarian is the first troop you get to use in Clash Of Clans and the one you’ll be most accustomed with , he’ll be a major (if not entire) part of your army when you are trophy pushing.

1Basic Information of Barbarian in Clash of Clans:-

• It is the first overall troop in Clash Of Clans

• It has a training time of 20 seconds

• It has a supply cost of 1

• Only an initial level 1 barracks is required for its development

• Its movement speed is 16

• It does not have a preferred target

• Cheap and versatile fit for almost any occasion up to a certain extent

• It is featured on the logo of Clash Of Clans

2Evolution Of Barbarians:-

Level 1-2Level 3-4Level 5Level 6Level 7

barbarian level 1 and level 2barbarian level 3 and level 4barbarian level 5barbarian level 6barbarian level 7

3Damage Done By Barbarians:-


Damage Per Second

Attack Speed

Damage Per Hit


1 8 1 8 45
2 11 1 11 54
3 14 1 14 65
4 18 1 18 78
5 23 1 23 95
6 26 1 26 110
7 30 1 30 125

4Strategy To Use With Barbarians:-

Barbarian is a unit everyone should be accustomed to use at least until Town Hall 6, it is a major part of your army and even after that it can prove to be very useful. If used correctly, a Barbarian can be very deadly.


Barbarians are great farming and pushing units due to their less training time and nominal cost of elixir. Although their health is a drawback as compared to other stronger units so deployment and usage of Barbarians play an important role to judge the outcome of an attack.


Although the Barbarian has low stats but considering its production and supply cost, it’s a beast!

5 level 5 barbarians would lead almost triple the damage a level 5 giant would! But barbarians have low health and they need to be alive to deal the damage I talked about

Like archers, barbarians are never to be deployed all at once because that increases the chances of them being killed by a single shot of a Mortar, Wizard Tower, even Bomb Traps.

Also don’t drop just 4-5 Barbarians and expect them to take out an Archer Tower by themselves, send at least 15-20 Barbarians at once.

Taking Out Defense Towers:-

Defensive structures are of basically 2 types, one who deal damage to one unit at a time, eg- Cannon, Archer Tower and others who have an impact over an area irrespective of the number of troops, eg-Mortar, Wizard Tower.

For the first type swarming barbarians is a great technique as eventually they will gang up and destroy the tower but on the contrary swarming Barbarians on a Wizard Tower would be a very unwise move.

To attack such structure always spread out Barbarians in a circle around the structure and once half of them die launch some more, this way you deal the least damage possible.

I have a personal rule, if a tower can hit more than 2 of your troops, you are launching them wrong.

At initial stages when the Tower you are dealing with is at its initial levels, it is also a good strategy to ignore it altogether, a Barbarian will probably take 3 of its hits so grab as many resources as you can in the meantime.

If a defensive structure is blocking you from accessing resources, drop a healing spell over it and swarm it with troops.

Clan Castle Units:-

1 one of the biggest drawback of a Barbarian is that whenever a unit comes out of a Clan Castle Barbarians move towards attacking it.

Even if they’re attacking a defensive structure, they’ll stop and start breaking the walls to reach the units.

If the clan castle has units like Archers, they can easily kill the Barbarians while they foolishly work on the walls

To counter this, at the start of the attack drop a Barbarian near the Clan Castle to check for defense and if any lure it out of the defenses and then swarm it with units of choice.

5Cost Of Upgrading Barbarians:-


Training Cost

Upgrade Cost

Laboratory Required

Town Hall Level Required

1 25 N/A N/A 1
2 40 50000 1 3
3 60 150000 3 5
4 80 500000 5 7
5 100 1500000 6 8
6 150 4500000 7 9
7 200 6000000 8 10

6Defending An Attack Of Barbarians:-

Let me come out straight and say that there is no definite way to just counter the attack of the little Hulk Hogans. They are just brawlers and are meant to die. Defending them is not at all difficult, they’ll probably die by 2-3 blows of your wizard tower, or die trying to get to the clan castle troops but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. You’ll use them for all your game and at times they will even define the end of the attack.

7Defending With Barbarians:-

Barbarians are an excellent choice for a Clan Castle troops as they have relatively high health and damage relative to their supply cost. Also, due to a supply cost of just one you can swarm many Barbarians in your Clan Castle making it very difficult for the attacker to lure them all out as previously stated.

But there’s a catch, recently a new spell has been added to the game called the ‘Poison Spell’, this spell makes it highly unfavorable to have troops with low Hitpoints in Clan Castles at higher Town Hall Levels.

8Difference In Appearance Due To Upgrades:-

Level 3:-

Barbarian gains a headband and also a bigger claymore.

Level 5:-

The Barbarian’s claymore is now made of Bronze and his headband is now replaced by a Viking Helmet.

Level 6:-

The Barbarian now wears a mask, his claymore is now made of a dark colored iron and his helmet has become horned.

Level 7:-

The claymore is now a lighter shade of grey and his helmet and its thorns now have a hint of gold in them. His signature bracelet is now black and the spikes on them, golden.

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