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clash of clans - wizard

The wizard is arguably the most powerful ranged unit in Clash Of Clans. In fact, at its maximum level, it has the highest damage per housing space. But, there is nothing like a free lunch so it’s high cost and training time means that it cannot be used regularly. But send a bunch of wizards and there’s not a wall or a building that they can’t tear up in seconds.

1Basic Information of Wizard in Clash of Clans:-

• It is the 7th overall troop in Clash Of Clans

• It has a training time of 8 minutes

• It has a supply cost of 4

• It needs a level 7 barracks for development

• Has no preference to attack rather can attack both ground and air units

• It is a high damage dealing troop

2Evolution Of Wizards:-

Level 1-2                             Level 3-4                          Level 5                        Level 6

clash of clans - wizard    clash of clans - wizard      clash of clans - wizard   clash of clans - wizard

3Damage Done By Wizards:-


Damage Per Second

Attack Speed (Every 3 Seconds)

Damage Per Hit


1 50 2 75 75
2 70 2 105 90
3 90 2 135 98
4 125 2 187.5 130
5 170 2 255 156
6 180 2 270 164

4Strategy To Use With Wizards:-

Wizards in my opinion are the first true premium Clash Of Clans unit available in the game. It is very strong compared to other units on basis of its supply cost. It is basically a very strong form of archer but making that jump costs a lot of time and elixir.

Wizards For Farming:-

Wizards are hardly used in for farming for gold/elixir. The reason is very simple, they have the highest training time per housing space. They have a training time of 2 minutes per housing space which is the highest training time of any unit in the game.

On the contrary, wizards are extensively used for farming for Dark Elixir. After Town Hall 9, shortage of elixir is not a thing, you will almost always have a lot of it but what you wouldn’t have would be Dark elixir for the upgrades of your heroes. You’re not alone, no one would. Dark Elixir storage would be the most protected building in the village and mostly centrally situated. At this stage, the main composition of army becomes, Giants, Wizards and PEKKA commonly called as the GiWiPe formation.

Wizards In War:-

Wizards are an integral part of a war both at small and big stages. They are generally used in place of archers for various reasons. Firstly, they have better offensive properties and can attack high level structures efficiently. Secondly, they work well with a healer, an archer generally dies with one blow of a high level wizard/archer tower but a wizard doesn’t and thus can be constantly healed by a healer.

For max efficiency use tanking troops like Giants to absorb maximum damage and let the wizards do the killing. If you have a witch and it summons its skeletons, you now have one of the best tanking troop!

At the start of an attack drop a bait troop near a clan castle to check the troops and if there are some troops , drop 2-3 wizards outside and they will easily kill troops given they are not too upgraded. This is a great alternative to a lightning spell.

Defending Wizards:-

Wizards are an amazing troops and have very limited flaws so it will be difficult to exploit them but not impossible. Given that wizards have incredible damage at a low housing space but they are extremely vulnerable when exposed to a giant bomb or maybe a spring trap. Even a spawn of wizards can die with a single trap. To counter this never spawn expensive troops in spawns rather place them in lines so that there is a maximum loss of 1 troop per bomb.

5Cost Of Developing Wizards:-

Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Required Town Hall Level Required
1 1500 N/A N/A 5
2 200 150000 3 5
3 2500 450000 4 6
4 3000 1350000 5 7
5 3500 2500000 6 8
6 4000 7500000 8 10

6Defending With Wizards

• They are excellent clan castle troops because they can attack from behind the walls whereas most troops of the enemy will break the wall first.

• If you have wizards in your Clan Castle, protect it the best you can as when they emerge from the clan castle, the attacking troops will rush towards them leaving everything they were attacking, this ruins the enemy’s attack by wasting time and troops. Also because have wizards have great offensive strength, they can hold off the troops for a very long time as compared to other troops like archers, barbarians, etc.

• Wizard has a major advantage, its ability to take down a complete area of troops at once, this technique is very useful for taking out buffy units like Giants and Barbarians who are launched in groups. Although where a wizard can be beaten is essentially a Dragon as it also deals the damage on a specific area attacking many troops at once, spread out archers can have the same effect on wizards.

• After level 4, wizards become extremely powerful. A level 4 wizard can kill wizard of any level in just one shot. Having them in your Clan Castle is just the ultimate defense.

7 Difference In Appearance Due To Level Upgrades:-

Level 3:-

The Wizard now wears a purple robe instead of the original blue one. In fact, his entire outfit including his shoes and tunic now have a hint of purple in it.

Level 4:-

There is no change in outfit but now the Wizard attack with lightning bolts instead of fireballs like in all previous levels.

Level 5:-

His boots and tunic is now inclined towards a more black color and his robe, instead of the previous purple is now dark blue.

Level 6:-

Cloak from dark blue has gone to somewhat a mix of shades of red and violet. His hood now has no lining and covers his face further than before. His attacks are now orange energy orbs instead of the lightning.

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