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clash of clans - healer

A healer is not a very diverse multi-functional unit, it has no attack values. It instead, as its name suggests, follows your troops around and heals them till it dies.
Stacked troops are almost never good but in case of a healer, the more the merrier!

1Basic Information of Healer in Clash of Clans:-

• It is the eighth overall troop in Clash of Clans

• It’s training time is 15 minutes (Don’t train more than 2)

• It has a supply cost of 14 (Read the previous point again!)

• A level 8 barracks is required for its development

• It has a movement speed of 16

• It does not attack thus is measured in ‘Heals per second’ not ‘Damage per second’

• It is a splash unit thus has effect on no specific target but rather a defined area

• Further advanced troops, including the healer mostly go up to level 4 only thus don’t have major appearance changes except the Dragon

2Healer At Different Levels (According To Appearance):-

Level 1-2 Level 3-4

healer level 1 and level 2 healer level3 and level4

3Heals Done By A Healer:-


Healing Per Second

Heal Speed (Every 3 second)

Heal Per Hit


1 35 4 25 500
2 42 4 39 600
3 55 4 39 840
4 77 4 50 1176

4Strategy To Be Used With Healers:-

Healers are high end clash of clans units for a reason. They take up 14 of your housing space, take 15 minutes to train and cost you from 5k (minimum level) to 10k (maximum level) elixir.

Also they don’t heal aerial troops so must be paired up with ground troops to have effect


Most people make this mistake so let’s lay this out once and for all. YOU DO NOT NEED HEALERS TO RAID. If you want gold or elixir and your Town Hall level is less than 9, using healers regularly will always be a very big mistake. The waiting time and the training cost will almost never be worth the gold or elixir you are going to get from the raid so refrain from it.

Although if you are hunting Dark Elixir, healers can be pretty helpful. At higher levels, dark elixir storage is perhaps the most protected building so sending a few healers with 15-20 Giants or PEKKAs will do the job and also be worth it at high amounts.

War Battles:-

Healers provide great support to beefy ground units like Giants or PEKKA and at lower stages even Barbarians. Also if you manage to keep the hero around for a while, it increase the health of a Barbarian King substantially.

Healer And Spells:-

If you find your hero being attacked by a tower, balloon, etc. and his chances of survival, if and only if it is worth it, use a healing spell as a healing spell heals rapidly both the healer and the troops and once it wears off, the healer can do the job.

If the reward is very big and you can’t still accomplish it, use a rage spell. It is the ultimate weapon. It increase healing rate, the movement speed and all the stats. But, keep its cost in mind while using it.

Inferno Towers:-

Troops being attacked by the Inferno Tower cannot be healed by a healer so keep it in mind and deploy healers accordingly particularly if the Inferno Tower is on multi-target mode.

5Defending Healers

• Try to have some aerial troops in your clan castle which can attack the healer

• Defensive towers and Air Defense can attack healer so upgrade it to its full potential

• Always place Air Defense at the center of the village so that ground units like Giants or Archers cannot destroy it right away and making the effect of the Healer very large

6Training Cost Of Healers:-


Training Cost

Upgrade Cost

Laboratory Required

Town Hall Level Required

1 5000 N/A N/A 6
2 6000 750000 5 7
3 8000 1500000 6 8
4 10000 3000000 7 9

Note that the Healing Capacity of a Healer becomes half when healing a hero unit like Barbarian King or Archer Queen.

7Defending With Healers:-

A Healer is not an impressive Clan Castle unit because of recent updates. Initially a Healer in the Clan Castle would first heal the other Clan Castle troops and when the troops are taken out, it would heal nearby building which sounds pretty good as it wastes the opponent’s time which is a known constraint of 3 minutes. But after last year’s update a Healer can no longer heal buildings. So, once all other clan castle troops are dead it basically does absolutely nothing for the rest of the attack.This is why I personally don’t recommend a Healer as a Clan Castle troop anymore.

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