All you have to know about Giants in COC

giants in clash of clans

The Giant in my opinion is Clash Of Clans most popular unit as it is the first unit in the game that directly attacks defenses and also the first unit to have very high health that is it can resist attack for a long time

1Basic Information of Giants in Clash of Clans:-

• Giant is the third overall troop in the game

• It has a training time of 2 minutes

• It has a supply cost of 5

• A level 4 barracks is must for its development

• They have a movement speed of 12

• Their major targets are defensive structure which they attack directly

2Evolution of Giants:-

Level 1-2                                            Level 3-4

giants in coc level 1-2                           giants in coc level 3 and level 4

Level 5                                              Level 6 

giants in coc level 5                          giants in coc level 6

Level 7

giants in coc level 7

3Damage Done By Giants:-


Damage Per Second

Attach Speed (Every 2 second)

Damage Per Hit


1 11 1 22 300
2 14 1 28 360
3 19 1 38 430
4 24 1 48 520
5 31 1 62 670
6 43 1 86 940

4Strategy To Use Giants:-

Giants have several weaknesses like very slow speed , their vulnerability to spring traps , their low damage and also slow attacking speed . These weaknesses can be minimized if the Giants are used in a pre-planned way.


Giants are a very good unit for farming but only majorly after Town Hall level 8. Giants are also known as ‘Tanking Units’ . The idea is to basically drop 1-2 Giants in front of a wall so that they ‘tank’ the attack of defensive structures making it easier for a WallBreaker to destroy a wall . Once the wall is destroyed , one can drop many Giants to destroy structures like – cannons , archer tower , etc.

On the contrary , at lower levels Giants are not at all cost effective. Below Town Hall Level 8 , one must use a higher number of Barbarians rather than using Giants.


It is always essential to start an attack with Giants but people often lay traps to prevent it. Thus, it is recommended to launch low cost troops like Goblins or Archers so that the Giants are safe. Once  you break down a wall , drop off all your Giants to take out maximum defense. Also , Giants aren’t very good at dealing damage alone so launch some archers alongside too.

Giants work really well under a Healing Spell but it adds to the cost of the attack and always make sure its worth using a spell.


Before Town Hall 6 , when players don’t have Dragons , Hogriders, etc. Giants are an integral part of the most lethal combination possible. Just make 15 Giants , 2 Healers , a few WallBreakers and rest Archers . This combination of attack is unstoppable if executed correctly at Town Hall 6.

Firstly drop some Giants and WallBreakers, once the wall is broken launch more Giants along a healing spell to ensure destruction of watching tower . Send healer only if necessary . Then when air defense is cleared , go on to send archers/wizards , etc.

Clan Castle Troops:-

Giants ignore defense troops in the Clan Castle as long as there is a defensive structure standing , so always make sure to take out the Clan Clastle defense with the help of some other troops so as to save the Giants.

5Training Cost Of Giants:-

Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 500 N/A N/A 2
2 1000 100000 2 4
3 1500 250000 4 6
4 2000 750000 5 7
5 2500 2250000 6 8
6 3000 6000000 7 9

The training cost clearly suggests the high cost of a Giant which makes it a bad farming unit at earlier stages

6Defending Against Giants

• Giants have several weaknesses which can be exploited in many ways.

• Slow Speed – Place building outside the wall but within the range of an Archer Tower so that the Giants have to be placed farther and are attacked for a longer time

• Spring Traps – Most people start attacks with Giants and they are highly vulnerably to spring traps and setting up a few inside and outside the walls will be a great advantage.

• Defending a Defensive Structure – A giant has a low damage so if an archer tower which is being attacked by Giants is in the range of a separate cannon , more damage can be dealt to the Giants .

7Defending With Giants

• Defending with Giants is a risky affair as it can go both ways.

• Giants have great amount of health and thus take a long time to die . Thus , slowing down the enemy attack which is a constraint of 3 minutes.

• On the other hand , a giant takes up a space of 5 and thus only a limited troops are released . If all the Giants are lured into 1 direction then the opposite direction is rendered defenseless.

• Usefulness of a Giant also depends on it’s level . A level 6 Giants is far more useful than a level 5 giant because there is a difference of 300 health points b/w them.

• Also , 4-5 level 6 giants would be great defense for a Town Hall 5 player but would hardly do any good to a Town Hall 9 player.

8Difference in Appearance Due To Upgrades

Level 3 - The Giants now wears iron cuffs around his arms and iron knucles on his hands.

Level 5 - The knuckles and the iron cuffs now become golden.

Level 6 - The cuffs and knucles are now made of a black metal . He now also has grown a long , red , thick beard and is wearing a Black Feather Cape .

Level 7 - The Giant now has acquired a Golden Chestplate underneath the original Brown Tunic.

9Fun Facts

• A lightning spell is generally not enough to kill a Giant.

• A Giant has very low attack which can be visualize by watching him fight with his bare hands.

• Giants deal the second least damage per supply space(after Golems)

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