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Free Download PC Suite Software for your mobile phone

Smartphones are taking over our life. Whatever we want to do can be achieved on our smartphones. We use it to communicate, shop, build relationships and gather information about things around us. It has become an essential part of our life. Yet sometimes we feel we are not getting enough. We want total control of our smartphones and look for a way to manage our phone data in a better way.

That is when we need a PC Suite software. It gives access to the Android or iOS system of the phone and lets us manage the phone content efficiently. It brings the whole Android and Apple OS into our computer and makes it possible to edit and customize them. We are giving you the best 5 PC Suite that you can use to get the Android feel on your computer.

Part 1: Free PC Suite software for your Mobile Phone

1. Wondershare MobileGo

This is the best PC Suite software to manage your phone data perfectly. It features a plug and play approach and is able to identify over 900 Android devices. It can be connected via the traditional USB method or you cane use wifi. It is very easy to create backups and restore your smartphone. It is also essential to manage phone content, edit and read contacts and messages and transfer files to and fro from your pc and smartphone. It also offers a sophisticated design and simple interface. It is the popular choice among smartphone users around the world.

Wondershare MobileGo pc suite

Download Mobilego

Key Features and Functions

  • Ability to create backup in one click.
  • App mirror feature to run any app on your computer
  • Supports countless devices when connected through wifi
  • Takes screenshots of your mobile screen and lets you share them
  • Easy to install and uninstall apps


  • Compatible with earlier version of Windows
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • Simple way to backup or restore your smartphone


This program did not show any glitches that we could report.


Users on Softonic website rated it at 7.2 stars.

2. Moborobo

It is another PC Suite which can sort, organize and create backup of phone content. It analyzes your phone and sorts the data in different sections. You can download wallpapers and themes and customize icons and appearance of your phone. Multimedia file sync efficiently manages the transfer of music, photos and videos from pc to phone and vice versa. It is also possible to edit pictures and playlists. Sms messages can be sent and received from the computer itself using Moborobo.

Moborobo PC Suite

Download Moborobo

Key Features and unctions

  • Gives you complete control of the file system on your phone
  • Wifi can be used to connect rooted devices
  • Bulk uninstall of programs are supported


  • Packed with useful features
  • You do not need to jailbreak or root your phone to use this


  • Loading the primary drivers is a time taking process
  • The program becomes slow at times.


The Softonic website gives it a rating of 8 stars.

3. Bluestacks

It is a small sized program that emulates the Android operating system on desktop without any problems. You can also play games of your phone using the mouse and keyboard. You can download and use apps on your pc even if you do not own a Android device. Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD have invested for the development of this program.

Bluestacks PC Suite

Download Bluestacks

Key Features and functions

  • Apps can be synced between phone and Windows using the cloud connect feature
  • The sideloading apps is a good addition
  • Web browser can be used to directly download apps


  • Does not eat up too much system resource
  • Heavy graphics games work without much problem


  • The home screen can be confusing and difficult to navigate
  • The program is sales oriented and asks for purchases
  • You need high system requirement to run this


The PC Suite software is rated at 7 stars on the Softonic website.

4. MOBILedit

It is another useful tool to manage your phone data using computer. It provides you details about your phone too. It can copy, delete, modify and transfer contacts, files, documents, messages and APK files. It also works with phones that do not have any operating system.

Mobiledit PC Suite

Download Mobiledit.

Key Features and functions

  • Comes in two versions - Lite for beginners and Forensic for professionals
  • Videos and pictures are presented in  thumbnails for easy access
  • Creates auto backup


  • Compatible with over thousand of phone models
  • User friendly


  • The price of the software is a bit expensive.


The editor rating of this software on Cnet is 3 stars out of 5.

5. Youwave

This PC Suite software is best for testing your apps. You can use it to play or run apps on your desktop before installing them on your device. The inbuilt app stores on Youwave lets you download countless apps on pc. It can be used to play games on your desktop too.

Youwave PC Suite

Download Youwave.

Main features and functions

  • You can connect to internet and play online multiplayer games directly from pc
  • The SD card sharing system can be used to share a folder between phone and pc


  • Provides a common sharing folder for easy transfer
  • Perfect for trying out apps


  • Not compatible with latest version of Android
  • Can be tried free for 10 days only


The Softonic website gives it a rating of 7 stars.

Comparison Chart

We have discussed 5 top PC Suite softwares that you can opt for. Additionally, we are presenting a table where the programs have been checked on some metrics. It will help you to decide which want you want to use.

PC Suite Backup option Conveter Developer option Wifi sync
Wondershare MobileGo
X Supported
Supported X X Supported
X X Supported

They're downloading



One-stop solution lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle convenient.



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