Top 5 Samsung Video Players You Have To Know

The surge of media consumption these days are calling for great mediums and media players to be created profusely. People taking pictures, capturing their own videos, downloading, sharing videos and building their media libraries are normal day to day scenes that we can observe. Medias are being played on every single devices such as on smartphones, tablets as well as on personal computers.

Nonetheless, the abundance of video players do not mean that all of them can play every single videos that users want. One might have to use different types of players in playing from a mp4 type file to a wma type file.

For those with Samsung devices, not all phones can actually play certain videos with formats like .mkv or .amr. Here, we will be introducing 5 top Samsung video players for your ultimate enjoyment:

1. VLC media player (VLC) (

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VLC is one of the most popular software that can supports a number of audio and video files. Developed and written by the VideoLAN project, VLC can run on almost all platforms that include Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix. This media players is able to perform media conversion and streaming. Apart from that, VLC also:

Support various media formats

VLC can play most codecs with no codec packs needed; ranging from WMC to MP3.

Free download Available

Users can access VLC with no additional cost, no user tracking, no spyware nor ads.

2. MoboPlayer (

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Moboplayer can play huge variety of video formats that include among others, MKV, MOV, AVI, while giving the users with ease of use; allowing you to control the brightness and volume. Multi subtitles and multi audio streams are supported as well. Some of its main features include:

Compatibility with most devices

Mobo supports all android devices with ARM and x86 architecture and covering video format of SW decoding

High- quality playback

Thanks to dual decoding engine, users can experience better playback quality and performance.

3. MX Player (

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MX Player was developed by J2 Interactive and the software utilizes open source codec technology that enables it to run with almost all main media formats. This player prides itself with playing high definition HD video files; users can enjoy watching videos just like watching it on TV, media players or home theaters. MX Player is also known for its:

Hardware Acceleration

Can be applied to more videos- thanks to the new HW+ decoder.

Multi-Core Decoding

The first Android video player that supports multi-core decoding; it is proven that dual-core device’s performances is much better than those of single core devices.

4. VPlayer (

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VPlayer is an easy-to-use video player that was developed by Xuan Yi Xia Inc. Users of this great software are able to utilise this software on different kind of devices and the player support enormous list of audio and video formats. Advantages of VPlayer include:

Hardware Acceleration

Playback functions are run faster than what is possible running on general- purpose CPU.

Ease of Use

VPlayer is easy to navigate; users can easily adjust the screen brightness and control the volume.

How to Transfer Videos from Your Personal Computer to a Samsung Phone

Wanted to catch up on that TV-series in that daily bus trips but have all the videos in your personal computer? There are various methods to use in transferring including USB transfer, emailing, Bluetooth or by using an app. Personally, we find transferring files by USB cable is easier as outlined below.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device to your personal computer

Your Samsung device will receive a notification on the connected device i.e. your personal computer. Open the prompt and select “Connected as a media device” and then select “Media device (MTP)”. This will allow Windows explorer of Mac Finder to manually transfer the files to your phone.

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Step 2: Find your Samsung device under your personal computer

As an example for Windows Explorer, find your device as a removable disk, open it and find the “Videos” folder.

Step 3: Transfer videos to your Samsung device

Thereafter, simply drag and drop your videos from your computer to that particular folder.

Why Samsung Can Not Play the Videos

Nevertheless, there are cases where videos can’t be played with these methods of transferring. Most of the time, files can get corrupted during the process of transferring. In another instance, your Samsung device couldn’t support the format of files or simply doesn’t have the ideal software to play the videos.

Samsung Supported Video Formats

Your Samsung device would normally support the following video formats; MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, MMV and FLV. If the formats are different than these listed ones, you can consider converting the videos to another format that can be played on your device.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to Convert Your Videos

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  • Supported OS: Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

If you ever need to convert any videos, simply trust the best that is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This video toolbox from Wondershare enables the users to watch almost any format of videos, alter, enhance and convert them however they like and still maintain the highest quality of videos.

With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, users get to taste the following enjoyment:

• Compatibility - As at now, there are 159 supported formats and latest formats are added from time to time.

• 30x Faster Video Conversion.

• Conversion to any formats virtually.

• Stream your media files on a PC to a Smart TV with just one-click.

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