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How Do I Convert My Audio File to WAV File Format

Unless you’re an audio engineer, serious music lover, a DJ, someone in similar profession or have done adequate research about the differences between the varying audio file formats, it’ll be quite difficult to be able to ‘hear’ the difference. However, there are still some very obvious and transparent distinction between an WAV file format and an MP3.

The file size of an WAV file can sometimes be up to 2 or 3 times larger than an MP3 due to its uncompressed data in nature. That also explains why and supports the higher quality of the audio file itself. An WAV file format can be copied and converted to other file formats without compromising on its’ quality as well as be listened through either types of playback medium such as on the TV, digital music player, portable devices and etc.

On the other hand, an MP3 file format is very well-known for its ‘lossy compression’. That, however, works perfectly fine if it’s for playbacks on portable devices as the file type will only use up a small storage size on your device. It’s also not advisable to playback the MP3 file in a cinema-like or theatre-size room as then the quality comparison with an WAV file will be quite evident. If you’re looking forward to a reliable WAV file converter, check out the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

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Step 1: Upload audio files

If your audio files are stored on an external hard drive, simply attach it to your computer with the USB cable and then drag-and-drop the audio files onto the converter. Otherwise, just click Add Files to browse for your audio files in the local directory.

convert swf to video

Step 2: Select WAV file format

After that, click on Output Format > Format and select WAV from the drop-down menu. If you wanted to convert your video files, GoToMeeting’s recordings and others multimedia files, you’ll be glad to know that the Video Converter Ultimate supports more than 158 different file formats. The presets with the best file settings are built-in for your convenience.

convert audio to WAV

Step 3: Convert audio file to WAV file format

All you have to now is to click on the Convert button to convert your audio file to WAV. You will be able to view the progress of the conversion as illustrated below. There’s a Pause as well as Cancel button if you need it.  

convert to WAV

Other Feature: Download audio files online

You can always download your favorite audio files from online sites such as YouTube and then extract the audio file for conversion to an WAV file format. Simply go to the Download’s menu and click +Add URL to copy-and-paste the file’s URL. Retrieve the downloaded files from the Finished’s screen (from the left-hand side navigation pane) and then click on the arrow icon on the far- right and select Convert To, followed by Step 1 to 3 to convert the audio files to WAV.

WAV file converter

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