Founder's Speech

Our Story Began
with a Simple Idea

Tobee Wu, Founder and CEO
Wondershare Technology Inc.

"Our story began with a simple idea: Sharing life's wondrous moments with a single click. This idea sparked a passion in me – to create better solutions for life's challenges and events. That's how Wondershare was born."

For centuries, the developments of science and technology have irrevocably changed human life. And in recent decades, the tech industry has pushed this transformation to new heights.

The new global architecture has its core in cloud computing. Advanced technical development and high-speed internet are part of it. These advancements present significant opportunities and challenges for human kind. They have changed the way we communicate and entertain. And, sooner or later the whole world will return to a “village era”.

And Wondershare’s mission is to be the frontrunner of those changes for generations to come. With a philosophy of child-like wonder in everything we do, we’re deeply connected to thousands of years of Chinese culture — to create true harmony with a diligent team to help us get there.

The will to become a world-leading software provider with a global vision is just a starting point. From here, we know that we can and will achieve more and more.

Epic journeys begin with a single step. As the founder of Wondershare I had the honour to spark that inspiration. Now, with the world's eyes on us, is time to pass the torch of innovation. And I believe that the Wondershare spirit will ignite a revolution within the global industry.

Tobee Wu

Founder and CEO at Wondershare Technology

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