Top 60 Funny, Cool, Romantic WhatsApp Display Pictures of 2016

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It is a trend to change the WhatsApp picture. Are you wondering what would be the best WhatsApp picture to change?

Here, we are compiling a list of 60 of the best WhatsApp display picture which you can use. These pictures span different categories ranging from cool to funny and even romantic. So, feel free to pick the images which you are sure will look good and can help you express yourself in the best manner.

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The 20 of the Best Funny Pictures

Here is a list of 20 of the finest funny pictures which is sure to make you smile/laugh. No doubt, these were trending in 2015.

1. Internet maniac

With the craze of internet going in full swing, this picture definitely looks hilarious.

2. Facebook craze

With so many people posting updates after updates, this looks like a mandatory update.

3. Hail the Internet

Definitely the three things on everyone's mind all the freaking time

4. Budding buds

I don't know if this is aw or funny, but it looks both

5. Save me God

You can't help but laugh at this hilarious scene which these people got them into

6. Game on

You wonder how they would play and guess how they're ever going to pick a winner

7. Food turtle

What would vegetarians tell of this salad? Delicious, eh?

8. Nature LMAO

This is the way nature joins in on the fun squad.

9. Apple, eh?

Did you notice how closely it resembles the Apple logo? The tree nailed it!

10. The sleeping beauty

Now, this is something which every guy would love to out, as a DP of course!

11. Woo-men

What a way to woo women, isn't it? Men could share it too.

12. Air eating

Buying a pack of chips opt paying for the air? Put it as a DP to show support. LOL

13. Full of fools

Seriously with the lack of common sense these days, this is surely the DP to opt for!

14. No letting go

This bird knows how to keep things in reign, nailed it?

15. Kid zone

I just couldn't stop myself from laughing at seeing this photo. Hilarious much?

16. Fat attack

Exactly what I have been asking Santa this Christmas. Wish please!

17. Stud student

This is albeit every single student in every corner of the world ever!

18. Duh twilight

Every twilight fan and even a hater can relate to this. Definitely a trending DP!

19. The eternal one

How many people not on WhatsApp still have the status? Why not DP it too?

20. Weekend yoo hoo!

When you're just too excited for the weekend, this is what you should put as your picture!

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Top 20 Cool Pictures for WhatsApp

If you love cool pictures which will look sassy, ooze the right attitude and more, here are 20 of the coolest WhatsApp display picture.

1. Sassiness

Let your sexiness and the sassiness ooze with this really cool picture!

2. Hum along

With this picture, you are sure to rock and groove and chill to the beats too

3. The judgmental pricks

Of course, we need to keep the judgments pricks away! What better way than to say it with your profile picture.

4. Say it out loud

This is the best way to express who you truly are – super cool eh!

5. The Potter lover

This is the coolest WhatsApp profile picture for every Harry Potter lover ever!

6. Sing along

If you love humming to the music beats, this is surely a cool DP to flaunt.

7. Cool it up

How cool does this look? Definitely, a good way to express and impress.

8. Sass level 99

When you are looking to be really sassy, you can definitely use this as a DP.

9. Staring at the life

This is yet another cool DP which definitely looks amazing. It is best for boys

10. Friends, enough said

If you absolutely love your friends, this is surely the one to look out for.

11. Be your hero

When you want to be your own hero, this is surely the DP to choose!

12. Charming friend

This is one of the coolest pictures which speak volumes about you.

13. Attitude, yes!

If you love showing off your attitude in style, this is the picture to put.

14. Bless me lord

This is for those who really had enough of stupidity.

15. The right attitude

Surely a cool way to express what you want from life

16. Aw yeah

The thing in every daughter's mind.

17. Be crazy

Isn't it amazing when we can be crazy and still rock it?

18. Be the story

If you love stories, this is the one to use as your picture.

19. Life as we know it

Enjoy life the right way!

20. Dreamers

This is apt for the dreamers!

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Top 20 Romantic Pictures for WhatsApp

When you're feeling romantic and want to express your love, these are the best pictures.

1. True love

Exactly my sentiments.

2. The needs

When your heart craves only for love.

3. Delicious

When love takes over, beauty is all you see.

4. Fingering love

This is romantic, cute and lovely- AW!

5. Promises

Tying love with the promise.

6. Forever?

When love lasts forever!

7. Because YOU!

Exactly why life looks beautiful.

8. The true paradise

No one has defined love better.

9. True bliss

When love overpowers coffee, know it is true.

10. The beats

This is what happens when your heart belongs to someone.

11. True quotes

Express love in the best manner.

12. Express to Impress

Aren't these the best words ever?

13. More love, less hate

A beautiful way to spread love!

14. Choose your priority

Learn who to let stay.

15. Picking your priorities

The right words to guide you.

16. The true words

These are the best words you need to see

17. Jealous much

Let people know what jealousy feels like.

18. Aw!

Isn't it the most romantic thing to say?

19. Say it with a yes

This is one of the mushiest things

20. The real definition

This is beautiful, love is beautiful!

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. If you want to keep your pictures private, go to your settings then choose who you want to share with. This can prevent unwanted use of your picture.

2. Changing your DP is really simple as you can go to your profile and then choose what you want to display.

3. Try to choose clear pictures as pictures with too small resolution may not upload.

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