Enjoy & Discover Online Videos on Your Phone

Yes, it is possible to watch free videos from famous third-party video websites such as YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo in a single app. The powerful search feature also lets you find your favorite video clips or movies easily and quickly. But what if you don't know what to view? Don't worry. Wondershare player is so smart that it's able to discover the hottest and newest movies, TV show and music videos for you, as well as telling you what the most popular movies are. You'll never miss any blockbuster with it.


Watch Videos Later & Save Money

Want to watch web videos later on Android phones or offline during your travels? We are here to help. With Wondershare Player- the "Instapper" for videos, you can now cache videos from third-party sites and add them to the "Watch Later Queue" for offline watching. What's more, when you cache videos under Wi-Fi connections, you can watch it later at no extra costs.

Play Seamlessly between Android & Other Devices

Any time, any place, any screen - with Wondershare Player in your pocket, you can easily switch between the screen size of your choice - phone, PC or TV. As a full-featured UPnP/DLNA control point, Wondershare Player enables you to enjoy favorite videos and music anywhere you happen to be! Want to share it with friends and family? Just stream personal and online videos or music to a nearby large-screen TV. In addition to that, you can freely browse and play media files shared by your computer on Android phones. There’s no need to sync, to upload onto cloud or to register to an online service... You're in absolute control!

Play All Media

You don't need to find any transformer or download any codec to playback videos & audio files. Wondershare Player supports playback of video & audio, shared by a remote computer on Android mobile phones. The app also supports the seamless playback of high-quality video streaming, presenting you with what is one of the most feature rich Android media players available today!

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User Reviews

Excellent Player babu | 2014-02-03 05:32:32
Today I tried this one....superb player interface and settings are very nice....far better than other players like mx, bs, mobo etc....i hope you will update with new features frequently..is there any trick to set videos page as home page instead of online page ? anyway thank you for this great player
Wondershare Player for Android is Awesome! Josh Middleton | 2013-08-13 12:32:05
Hulu support is an incredible feature! With the introduction of Spotify's online "flash based" player, it'd be really cool to see support for that site as well. Ideally, I'd love to see a "switch to desktop mode" that swaps our User Agent to something like Firefox for Desktop when using Wondershare Player as a browser and navigating websites, as this would allow us to see whatever flash-supported site we want without getting the default "mobile" site thrown at us. I've purchased and used your PDF converter at work a few times over the years and it's awesome to see you developing other products I can use in my daily life!
I like the new features Kenneth | 2013-08-05 22:43:10
Thank you very much for adding the DLNA capability in the new version! Also for fixing Hulu etc. Great progress!