Top five online video encoders

If you need a reliable video encoder for editing movies and quickly converting file types online it's important that you find a quality and extremely reliable video encoding software. There is plenty of free software as well as online software that you can use for video encoding but the problem with a lot of this software is that it can take a long time and sometimes produce a watermark which can look unprofessional.

We have done a number of comparisons with the top online video encoders so that we can help you discover the best possible option for your needs. There are a number of things to consider when you are picking the right video encoder and here are some of the best possible programs that you can use online.

Encoding can help you to better edit videos as well as reduce the file size of the video while retaining its optimum quality. The following video editors will help you to encode videos rather quickly, offer options for computers of all speeds and types as well as offer plenty of file types that you can experiment to maintain the quality of your encryption.

Part 1:The top 5 video encoding software options

Zencoder: Zencoder offers encoding and transcoding online for free and the ability to convert file to a plenty of formats for mobile devices and video editing needs. The cloud encoding API that is built into the system works quite quickly and is available for free, but the main issue with this stystem is that it requires the process of slowly uploading the clip before it is available for conversion.

FreeEncoding: This free converter will allow you to quickly transfer over files and encode video. The program itself is a free to use tool that is still in its beta mode. While the tools remain completely free to use the program does have a few kinks to work out. Unlike some of the other online video editors, this program can sometimes fail to convert a video or perform encoding properly. The main issue with this is that the program is still in testing. While users can encode for free, it isn’t quite the most reliable service that can be offered.

Online-Convert: online convert is another free online video encoding program. This service allows for the conversion of images, audio, documents and more online. The online convert is completely free to use and the main issue with this solution is that it can often find fault with encoding because it offers support to so many types of conversions. Rather than focusing specifically on video, this program offers support for so many file types.

Encoding cloud: This public media processing service offers encoding for free but you will have to wait your turn to manage the encoding services. Instead of being an on demand provider, this service provides encoding that you may have to wait your turn for. Encoding cloud is a fairly reliable service, but due to the small server space it often means that you could be waiting for a few minutes just to encode the video of your choice. Other editors make it much easier to get encoding on demand.

Media Coder: This online support program offers an excellent all in one solution for video conversion and encoding. The program itself offers high quality video for converting different media types and it can convert to many mobile video selections. The main issue with media coder however is that it only has a few file types available. You are very restricted in the number of ways that you can encode and convert videos.

Part 2: A better video encoding option

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a far better option over all of these previous video encoders. Not only does Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate provide conversion services to a number of different file formats but it features a full-service editing suite as well. For one low price you get access to everything you need to encode and convert videos on your computer and in the fastest time possible. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is much faster than any of the previously mentioned programs and it features unprecedented levels of support as well. With regular updates and the ability to finally edit and encode, you can produce better quality videos!

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