Top 3 Gopro Video Converter Review

Part 1:Things about gopro video format and resolution.

The GoPro camera is a popular to get a personal view of the world on film without using your hands. It is highly effective and it produces great results. The videos themselves are in an MPEG4 format with an h.264 compression. The cameras come in several resolutions, too. They are:

  • 1920x1080
  • 1280x960
  • 1280x720
  • 1280x720
  • 848x480

Part 2:What makes a good gopro video converter?

Sometimes, you may want to convert the video to another file type. Doing so increases your options for using the video. It is the best way to get the most out of your video. The only issue is that not a lot of people understand how to do this. You cannot do it on your own with the file alone. You must use a converter to make this happen. Finding a good one is possible. The features and points to look out for when on the search are:

  • The ability to convert 4K, h.264, and a long list of other formats
  • One of the obvious features of a GoPro converter is the ability to convert what you need. Make sure that it has the ability to convert the GoPro video itself into your desired file.

  • Top of the line connection, regardless of file size
  • The software itself should not affect connection whatsoever. Even when you have a large file size, it should continue to convert without losing connection quality at any point.

  • Zero loss quality from conversion
  • Retaining full quality post-conversion is imperative. Regardless of original video quality, you want to maintain that quality throughout the conversion.

  • Edit functions for altering the video
  • The ability to cut, trim, and crop a video is imperative. You want control over the final product, and that is what you have with editing tools. Any good converter will give you, at the very least, some basic editing tools.

  • Simplicity in design and usability
  • No software is good if the design is overly complicated. Whether you have experience with converters or not, you should have no issues with using it. You want a design that is intuitive from start to finish.

  • Excellent support
  • The technical support should ensure that it keeps working and that you have limited to no issues with it. This is especially true for purchased software. When you buy your software, you expect it to remain usable for as long as you plan to use it. A good tech support can keep that happening.

Part 3:Free or paid gopro video converter?

Now, one question you may have is whether it is a good idea to use a free converter. After all, you may prefer the free one simply because it is free. If you are not a professional, paying for something seems like a waste of money. You want to save money while gaining the same advantages. With free converters, though, keep the following in mind:

  • Slow connection, slows with large files, and not stable. You are relying on too many factors that can fail on you.
  • The conversion will result in a quality loss. Even if you have the highest quality video resolution for the GoPro, you will not gain from that quality due to this conversion.
  • There are no editing tools with a free converter. They do the conversion and that is it.
  • Since this is online via a website, you have no support. If you have trouble, you have no one to ask for help.

If you are looking for good paid converters, the bottom four are the top choices on the market.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

One of the top converters is Wondershare. It is popular for a reason. It works for Windows and Mac, offering pricing packages for each, it is cheap, it has all of the tools and support you need, and it has few to no downsides to it.


AVS is a hugely popular option due to the multitude of features and the high quality. It is a trusted and valuable option that you can use easily. You can convert to nearly any format, you have a large selection of editing tools, and it works for nearly every format. The major downside to it is the lack of Mac and Linux support along with only two buying options.


ImTOO, too, offers compatibility to nearly endless video types. You can convert all GoPro files easily to your chosen file. It also offers 2D to 3D, a great feature for anyone who wants to have fun with it a bit. It does not offer everything, however, and has poor tech support so it may not work for everyone.


Prism is cheap and simple, having compatibility to a vast number of file types. It is easy, too. The issue is that it does not offer all of the features that you want out of a converter, including effects and editing that may be important to you.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best available converter. Thanks to its quality and features, it offers results that you cannot get out of the other options available.

Top 3 Gopro Video Converter Review

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