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Top 10 Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

Do you have new photograph to be uploaded as your display picture? Wait a minute! Do you need to edit it before uploading? Well, there is no need to worry when you have so many photo editing softwares available for you to use. These photo editing softwares are available for download free of cost as well as on payment. It is completely on you to decide what you want. Here we have made efforts to collect some information about the 10 best free photo editing software for Mac. If you are a Mac OS use then this place is surely of your interest. Just keep scrolling down and get to know some of the free photo editing software for Mac.

Part 1

1. Picasa:

Features and functions:

· Picasa is one of the most widely used free photo editing software for Mac which comes with great editing tools to beautify your photograph.

· Picasa comes with a very nice feature of tagging people in the picture so that you can search a particular person’s picture by name anytime later.

· Another very interesting feature of Picasa is that it allows you to filter your photographs on the basis of the colors used in it. So now it is easier for you to sort out your black and white pictures and in that case any such specific color in your picture and separate it out from the rest of your collection.

· This free photo editing software for Mac comes with a built in batch processing system, wherein you can easily apply changes and edit a group of pictures together.

Pros of Picasa:

· This free photo editing software for Mac has amazing filters.

· Batch processing makes it easier to edit your pictures at one go.

· Picasa helps in maintaining a healthy backup of your original pictures after they have been edited.

· Dark pictures can be lightened up easily in Picasa

Cons of Picasa:

· It does not have a wide search action and that limits the users from using it.

· Online sharing of photos is limited to only 1 GB which does not prove sufficient for many users.

· Viewing a particular set of pictures from an album is not possible. Either you have to view all the pictures or none.

User reviews:

1. It's a great program but Google needs to upgrade its editing features plus that all important little action UNDO!

2. Does NOT Auto Rotate in Mountain Lion

3. A very nice alternative to iPhoto


Part 2

2. Fotor:

Features and functions:

· Fotor helps its users to enhance their photographs which haven’t been taken in proper settings using its feature called “Scenes”.

· Thisfree photo editing software for Macallows you to work with various file formats like RAW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and many more.

· It offers you over 90 effects and 30 fr_x_ames styles to edit our picture.

Pros of Fotor:

· Fotor is very easy to use software which allows you to share your pictures online.

· Even large images can be editing using Fotor.

· Editing pictures in this software gives a professional effect to your photos.

Cons of Fotor:

· The worst part of this software is unavailability of printing the pictures.

· A free account is necessary in order to use some of the options of the software

· It lacks the presence of advance editing tools.

User reviews:

1. Fotor is a very good find, and for a free app it seems worth much more

2. Would not Download - Security Risk–

3. I was blown away by the colour rendition-


Part 3

3. iPhoto:

Features and functions

· iPhoto is anotherfree photo editing software for Macwho’s editing tool set is really powerful

· It allows you to transfer your photos stored in any storage device to the iPhoto library.

· IPhoto also has a feature where you can create a slideshow of your favorite images and li_x_nk it with the music file from you iTunes

Pros of iPhoto:

· Allows you to print your edited photographs

· iPhoto makes the sharing of photos interesting by allowing your friends and family to share their pictures and videos .

· Helps in effective editing with its advance tools.

Cons of iPhoto:

· Thisfree photo editing software for Macdoes not give us full control for organizing our photos.

· Consumes more memory by copying all our image files to the iPhoto library.

· The editing tools and advanced features are not enough in this software.

User reviews:

1. Total disaster

2. Great photo application for the average user

3. Helpful software for Mac users.


Part 4

4. GIMP:

Features and functions:

· GIMP is yet another open source,free photo editing software for Macwhich offers a wide range of image editing tools.

· It offers tools for creating your own image and for painting and drawing purposes.

· GIMP allows you to manipulate sc_x_ripted images also by supporting languages like PERL, C++, PYTHON, C, SCHEME, etc.

Pros of GIMP

· Allows the single window mode for editing images.

· There is an option to customize the interface according to your choice

· Being afree photo editing software for Mac, GIMP provides very powerful image editing tools to its users.

Cons of GIMP

· Automatic selection tools come into action when you are dealing with many images.

· While working on multiple images, single window view is not allowed.

· The operations take place very slowly.

User comments/reviews:

  1. For tech savvy users only. -
  2. Excellent distribution. But GIMP does not support Retina displays at all; text and graphics appears jagged and ugly, and pictures are not displayed well on these displays. This is not fault of the OS X maintainer, I guess; but GIMP should be ported to Mac better than what is currently. -

3. Gimp 2.8.2 is great But I have tried four times to launch the 2.8.6p1 here and nothing but Gimp crash before launch.


Part 5

5. PhotoPad:

Features and functions

· PhotoPad is a greatfree photo editing software for Macwhich provides options to apply filter, retouch

· It supports different image formats like JPG, BMP, PSD, PNG and many more.

· PhotoPad also allows you to make beautiful picture collages and mosaics and also delete the applied effect without altering other applied effects.

Pros of PhotoPad

· Direct sharing of images on social networking sites is possible.

· It gives a preview of the applied effect before actually applying it.

· You can include Photopad software in the right click menu for faster operations.

Cons of PhotoPas

· The organizing system in thisfree photo editing software for Macis limited.

· It affects the work done by professional photographers.

· There is a lack of many features in the photo organizer.

User comments/reviews:

1. Is a professional and compact that you have all the professional operations of adjusting a picture; it is easy to work with it. -

2. Perfect slimline tool -

3. Does everything that I need it to do and more. Clean and simple. Yet a powerful piece of software. -


Part 6

6. Pixen:

Features and functions:

· Pixen is mainly afree photo editing software for Macwhich helps you work with low resolution picture specifically raster art.

· It has packed within it all the useful tools which a pixel artist will need like different patterns and la_x_yers and a unique color palette to name some.

· It has an option of creating animations out of your images fr_x_ame by fr_x_ame.

Pros of Pixen:

· Pixen is very easy to use which acts as an additional benefit to the first time users.

· This free photo editing software for Mac has an open source and hence is easily editable.

· Supports animations

Cons of Pixen

· The main drawback of Pixen is that it is only available for the Mac Operating system and not for the rest of them.

· The icons representing the tools are not so attractive and appear ugly.

· There is a lack of noise modifier in the software.

User comments/reviews:

1. A nifty little program for pixel level work. -

2. I like Pixelmator a lot but if you need to edit small pictures this is much better imo
Very easy for pixel perfection. -

3. Good for simple animation and pixel art. -


Part 7

7. Photoscape:

Features and functions:

· Another beautifulfree photo editing software for Macwhich allows you to edit your images and bring life into it using features like light leak, film effect, colors and filters, etc.

· You can transform your image into a funny one by adding a variety of stickers available in it.

· Has a wide range of different fr_x_ames and also allows batch processing for a group of your images.

Pros of Photoscape

· It is fast, accurate and very stable.

· Provides photo editing capabilities which are very decent.

· Your photo adjustments are done easily without wasting a lot of time on it.

Cons of Photoscape

· One cannot apply la_x_yers using thisfree photo editing software for Mac.

· Only meant for photo editing purpose not any more.

· Does not allow you to share photos on social networking sites.

User comments/reviews:

1. Very needful application for my computer. -

2. After I downloaded This App Now, I don’t want to Open Photoshop. -

3. For everything except la_x_yers- quick, easy and powerful. -


Part 8

8. Pixelmator:

Features and functions:

· Pixelmator is a free photo editing software for Mac which provides various image editing tools mainly for personal use.

· The smart move tool which automatically judges whether the content is text, image, la_x_yer or a shape.

· Pixelmator uses core image and automator technologies.

Pros of Pixelmator:

· The interface of this free photo editing software is very attractive and intuitive.

· Provides picture sharing option on social networking site.

· Supports graphic tablet also.

Cons of Pixelmator:

· Zoom slider option is not available.

· Photoshop la_x_yers gives. Some troubles while editing.

· The tools interface is very dark and dull. Does not attract the users much.

User comments/reviews:

· Best photoshop alternative and worth every cent even after the price increase. still la_x_yer effects are not up to photoshop standards

· Version 3.3.2 goes into trash when you try to launch it.

· 5 stars for usability and speed! really the best photoshop alternative!


Part 9

9. Photoplus

Features and functions:

· Photoplus is a high endfree photo editing software for Macand it provides excellent features like importing RAW images and 16 bit end to end editing.

· Allows croping of images undestructively.

· Photoplus also consists of a very brilliant feature which is the export optimizer for comprehensive images.

Pros of Photoplus

· Photoplus supports many powerful photo editing features.

· Allows adjustments using levels and curves.

· Consists of the tilt shift feature which gives an effect of DSLR camera to the image.

Cons of Photoplus

· The image editor and the organizer app are totally separate and have no connection at all.

· Has poor slideshow options and also does not support face recognition.

· The software lacks features like burn and dodge and adjustment brushes.

User comments/reviews:

1. PhotopPlus X8 is as close to Photoshop as you can currently get on a budget, even compared to PaintShop Pro.

2. “I find this to be a brilliant editing Program, far better than many others I have tried, everything is easily done with very few if any hiccups

3. “I've played around with this for a few hours. I've evaluated a bunch of other programs too, but this one seems very good.


Part 10

10. Photofiltre

Features and functions

· This is yet anotherfree photo editing software forMacuser which proves to be a light weight replacement software for photoshop.

· Itprovides you with a wide range of filters for you to beautify your pictures.

· Photofiltre gives you five different zoom options to zoom in and clearly watch your picture

Pros ofPhotofiltre

· Can deal with several different image formats.

· Conversion and processing is quick.

· Thisfree photo editing software for Machas a color pallete which can be optimized.

Cons of Photofiltre

· In case of advanced filtering, the number of filters fall short.

· Does not allow working with la_x_yers.

· The interface is crowded and non customizable.

User comments/reviews:

1. Photo adjustments that are easily accomplished in Photofiltre.

2. PhotoFiltre Studio amazingly delivers the goods without the fluff.

3. This little program is one of the easiest and best photo editors


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