Common Issues

  • Only visual display with no accompanying audio
  • Only audio coming up but without visual or graphic
  • Visual and audio not in sync during playback
  • Distorted visual or crackling audio during playback

  • Solution/s

    Check both the computer and video player's settings. If there's nothing amiss, have a look into the codec used. If your current video player still fails to playback the video files after add-ons/plug-ins, you might want to consider other solutions.

    Common Issues

  • Horizontal lines during playback
  • Video frames freezes
  • Choppy video quality
  • Forward/backward's function is slow
  • AVI video files failed to playback

  • Solution/s

  • Reinstall the DivX codec before replacing your video card
  • Download and install Avidefreezer
  • Lower the resolution or reduce the filtering if it's an MP4
  • Reset the keyframe settings
  • Compress or convert the AVI file to another file format
  • Solutions

    No matter what your video playback issues are, you'll always have more than one solution to rectify them. Practically, no one would like to get out of their comfortable zone unless they have to. It's similar when comes to the habit of using a regular video player. If you can simply download and install an add-on/plug-in, then why not do that first. If it doesn't solve the issue, then it's not too late to try a different video player. If you want to put a stop to all of this issues, give it a go with the recommended all-in-one solution.

    Option 1: Change Video Player

    Most popular video players for Mac

    If you can't find any suitable or compatible add-ons/plug-ins for your current video player, you might want to take a look at the other most popular video players that's available for your Mac. Some of the options might be more simple and straightforward whilst the rest have additional features that might just suit your video playback preference.

    Option 2: Install Add-ons/Plug-ins

    Improve the features of your video player

    In order to save you the hassle of searching, downloading and installing a different video player, you might want to try and improve the features of your current video player. Simply have a quick browse through of the available add-ons/plug-ins.

    Option 3: Recommended All-in-One Software

    convert video to imovie

    The Video Converter Ultimate for Mac offers an ultra-fast conversion speed. Apart from optimized video settings, it's also supportive of a wide range of input and output file formats.. On top of being able to edit your video files, you can always download your favorite online videos from YouTube and create your own DVDs.

    Step 1

    You can either upload the file from your local directory or just highlight the files required to drag-and-drop them on the Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

    NOTE: If you need to perform other functions, please make sure that you're in the correct tab; Burn (to create a DVD) or Download (to download online videos).

    convert imovie to video

    Step 2

    It's a very user-friendly interface as all you need is to choose your desired output file format from the presets. If you would like to playback the videos on your mobile phone, tablet or game console, it's also included in the Devices category.

    NOTE: Just click on the Edit's icon next to each video file uploaded in order to access the editing screen. You can apply various effects, adjust the parameters such as volume, brightness or contrast as well as insert subtitles and watermarks.

    convert imovie to video

    Step 3

    Once decided on the output format, all you have to do is click on the Convert button. You'll be able to monitor the progress of the conversion and receive a pop-up message upon completion. After that, you can either retrieve your converted video files or tranfer them seamlessly onto your choice of portable devices.

    convert imovie to video

    Video Tutorial

    Additional Features 1: Online Video Downloader

    The online video downloaded is built-in with the Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. Simply navigate to the Download tab upon launching the software to copy and paste the online video's URL for a quick download. After that, you can also choose to convert the file into an audio file and transfer it to your portable devices for offline entertainment.

    Additional Features 2: DVD Creator and Burner

    If you prefer to create your own DVDs, you'll be glad to have this function. Apart from being able to personalize your own DVD templates, you can also set the ratio aspect, DVD standards and much more. It's also possible to keep a softcopy of the video file in an ISO file image.

    They're downloading



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    Okay this is bull crap. All I wanted was a good video editor to quickly put together my new youtube video and it doesn't even work!!!! I PAID $60 FOR THE VIDEO AND AUDIO NOT TO LINE UP?! And of course there are no answers to my problem ANYWHERE by the creators....hmmm what a coincidence. Please do something about this or I will be in pursuit of a refund, probably won't get one because you guys obviously are awful though.
    I have the same problem for editing 4k video or any video with 240 frame. :(
    same frustrating stutter problem on what was a perfect source video to a glitching ,stop start export - very poor and even worse support service - unfortunately they got my money - i am now going elsewhere
    And I have an incredibly fast, brand new gaming laptop.
    My issue is that when I choose a point on the timeline, the current song will often start from the beginning, regardless of where I am on the timeline. It's nearly impossible to sync the video and audio with this issue, it's making it very, very difficult to make even a crappy video.
    when I download videos using the video converter ultimate the framerates are lower then the source video and its consistently happening with 480p 720p and 1080p downloads. I have tested all three resolutions downloading the same 3 videos using all the resolutions and they all went from 29.97 source to 22 or 23 fps. any fixes for this if not please fix it in the next update. The problem popped up after the win 10 anniversary update. thanks
    I'm experiencing the same issue... The video clip I import is perfectly fine, but when I try to edit it in Filmora there's some strange stuttering sound at the end that I can't get to go away... I've tried checking the clip on other players, re-uploading it (many, many times) but it has the same problem. I don't know how to fix it.
    I need what format shoulders i use to play my video on my phone..especially the adroind
    Seriously Filmora?!?! I just go this software and every time I play this clip back it makes the video stutter.. Not once, not twice.. But multiple times! I request that you quickly fix this problem, because right now you have a very unhappy and unsatisfied customer!
    Does anyone know how I can combine clips without having the music or voiceover break in between? This is extremely frustrating.
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