Top 10 Subtitle Converters

Almost everyone has been in the situation when you can't wait to play the latest episode of your favorite show but the subtitles are not working. If you find yourself in such a quandary, use one of the following subtitle converters.

1.Batch Subtitle Converter

Price: Freeware

Batch Subtitles Converter is a handy tool designed to convert subtitle files to more than 100 formats, including MKV, MKS and many more. What is fantastic about this convenient program is that it supports predetermined encoding along with frame rate. It is as easy as adding a song to your play-list, just drag and drop the file into Batch converter. If you have any special preferences, adjust the conversion options or just skip to the conversion process. The layout of the program is user-friendly so you don't need to be a IT guru to handle it.

batch subtitles converter

2. SubC

Price: Freeware

Another simple to use, yet effective converter is SubC. It supports MicroDVD, SubRip, SubStation Alpha and SubViewer 2.0 files. The program stands out with its editing features that can come in handy. On top of that you can easily adjust the timing of the files to get rid of the tedious delays. This magnificent program can be taken for a test drive without installation.


3. Cavena Toolbox

Price: $5

If you prefer to have access to more advanced features, opt for Cavena Toolbox. Converting and editing features are all wrapped up in one. With this multi-functional piece of software you can convert text files into subtitle file formats and vice versa. All of the popular TV formats are supported along with some less common ones. Cavena toolbox offers conversion of 30, 30DF, 25, 24 and other time codes with correct vertical and horizontal positioning. The program is included in the the software for preparation of subtitles Tempo, but can be purchased as a stand alone product for a reasonable price. Check the official site for promotional discounts.

cavena toolbox

4. SRT Subtitle Converter (ASCII to UTF8)

Price: Freeware

This program can save you a headache if you have trouble with viewing Persian or Arabic SRT subtitles. What it does is changing the encoding from ASCII to UTF8 so that subtitles are displayed correctly. Before you proceed you need to install Java Standard Edition (SE). This is a software bundle that provides the Java Runtime Environment and the libraries and components necessary to run many programs and Web content under 32-bit Windows PCs.

subtitle converter

5. Easy Subtitle Converter

Price: Freeware

If you prefer a simple piece of software to convert subtitles Easy Subtitle Converter is the answer. The conversion process is straight-forward; you just use the ''drag and drop'' function and you are roll. The best feature of the program is that it doesn't require any installation, you can run it on multiple computers using a removable device. The only drawback is that you cannot specify an output directory different than the source.

easy subtitle converter

6. Converter Napisow

Price: Freeware

This is an online subtitle converter that comes in handy when you are just looking for basic functions. You can switch the language of the site to Japanese, German, Italian, Dutch, Malay and English of course. The conversion formats supported by the site include .txt (MicroDVD), .sub(MicroDVD), .srt(SubRip), .mpl. Additionally, you can adjust the speed of frames per second (FPS). It is set to 25,000 for your convenience but can be manipulated manually. After you upload the file, pick the language and you are ready to go. If you are short on time , this is a reasonable option but keep in mind that its functionality is rudimentary.

converter napisow

7. Subtitle Converter

Price: $1,99

Here is a small applications for the Mac lovers that need a solutions for their subtitle troubles. Automatic detection of the encoding is just one of the perks provided by this tool. Say goodbye to the scrambled subtitles that appear every once in a while. The user interface is represented by a single window that supports the drag and drop function. Tired of dealing with the techno mambo jumbo? This just for you.

subtitle onverter

8. Subtitle Flex

Price: Freeware

Here comes a marvelous online tool that prides itself on its versatility; everything from switching formats, splitting and combining subtitles to adjusting the rate if it doesn't coincide with the the film timing. Another feature worth mentioning is the automatic removal of HTML like or . Spend a few minutes to browse through the features to get the most out of it. The developers are open to suggestions so if you have any ideas feel free to send them over.

subtitle flex

9. Subtitle Edit

Price: Freeware

Subtitle Edit is one of the top ranking tools according to tech blogs. Users enjoy the benefits of a simple but functional interface. Subtitle Edit can be customized to suit each user's preference. In addition to converting subtitles, it offers editing features. You can choose from a wide variety of supported subtitle formats. If you are a platform customization lover, this program should be at the top of your priority list.

subtitle edits

10. Srt2Sup

Price: Freeware

The name of the program speaks for itself, it turns subtitle conversion in child's play. Create sup files from scratch with a few clicks. By downloading this light piece of software, you will be able to create SUB files from scratch.


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