How to Unlock AT&T Phone

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Are you trying to change your carrier from AT&T to something else but are unable to? Do you feel forced into using a network that just doesn't work for you? Yeah, we understand the pain. Your phone is locked under a contract and you feel you can't do anything about it. However, we're here to tell you that there's a world of possibilities out there and we'd like to help you break the lock, and make your phone SIM-free contract-free. We're here to tell you how to unlock AT&T phone, how to unlock AT&T iPhone 6 (if you use iOS) or how to unlock AT&T Samsung s6 (if you use Android.)

But first, let's address the elephant in the room. Why should we bother unlocking the AT&T phone? It's likely you're thinking this, thinking that you're probably gonna' have to go through a hella' difficulties to be able to do that. Well let us assure you that you're not gonna' be jumping any hurdles, we'll do all the grunt work for you. We'll tell you how to unlock AT&T phone such that you can have it delivered to your email address, without having to move a muscle. And then you can finally switch to any other carriers or avoid those pesky roaming charges! The benefits really make it worth it.

Unlock att phone

Part 1: How to Unlock AT&T Phone (iOS device)

If you are an iPhone user, and for the purpose of this demonstration lets say you use an iPhone 6, you must want the process to unlock AT&T iPhone 6. However, the thing is with the method we're gonna tell you of you can unlock AT&T phone on all iOS devices. The best online tool to unlock AT&T iPhone 6 has got to be dr.fone - SIM Unlock Service as it is one of the most reliable and convenient services available out there which guarantees speedy delivery of the unlock code, is extremely straight forward and easy, and won't violate your warranty!

DoctorSIM Unlock Service

The simple, fast, safe and legal way to unlock your AT&T phone.

  • Simple process, permanent results.
  • Doesn’t violate your phone’s warranty.
  • No need SIM card.
  • 60+ countries supported
  • No risk to your phone or data.

How to Unlock AT&T Phone using dr.fone - SIM Unlock Service

Step 1: Go to Webpage.

In order to unlock AT&T iPhone 6, you need to first go to the DoctorSIM Unlock Service webpage.

Step 2: Choose Apple.

From a list of brand logos and names, choose Apple.

Step 3: Fill in the Request Form.

You'll be asked for the precise model, choose iPhone 6. Followed by that enter your country and your current network provider, in this case AT&T.

Step 4: Retrieve IMEI Code.

Press #06# on your iPhone 6 keypad to retrieve your IMEI Code.

Step 5: Contact Info.

Enter the first 15 digits of the IMEI Code, and then enter your email address so you may receive the unlock code.

Step 6: Receive Unlock Code.

Within the guaranteed period, generally 48 hours, you will receive the unlock code in your email address.

Step 7: Enter Code.

Finally! You can simply enter the unlock code and voila!

This is how you can unlock AT&T iPhone 6 hassle-free and easy.

Part 2: How to Unlock AT&T Phone (Android devcie)

If you're more of an Android user, say a Samsung s6 user, then you must wonder how to unlock AT&T Samsung s6. Well don't fret just yet, we've got you covered as well. In order to unlock AT&T Samsung s6 you can read on to find out how to unlock AT&T phones for Android devices using another great unlock tool dr.fone - Android SIM Unlock. This is a very simple, straight forward and permanent process which will just take you 10 minutes butbenefit you tremendously.

How to Unlock AT&T Phone using dr.fone - Android SIM Unlock

Step 1: Launch dr.fone.

Launch the dr.fone application on your computer, go to 'More Tools' and select 'Android SIM Unlock'.

unlock AT&T android phone

Step 2: Connect the Phone.

Using a USB chord simply connect the Samsung device to your computer and enable the debugging mode. dr.fone will connect the two automatically.

unlock AT&T android device

Step 3: Configure the Phone.

If you use any of the S3-S7 devices then dr.fone will need root access to unlock. If your device has already been rooted then you can simply click on unlock and you're done!

Configure the Phone

However, if you have Samsung S2-S4 Note 1 - Note 3 devices you don't need the root access. You can simply set it up by going to USB Settings> Diagnostic> Service Mode.

Type #0808# or ##3424# or #9090# on your Samsung keypad. Once you do so, your phone will immediately take you to USB Settings> Diagnostic> Service Mode.

switch mode

Once you're in you need to choose DM + MODEM + ADB or UART[*] or CDMA MODEM

Step 4: Unlock!

Finally, now that everything is done, simply click on Unlock. And now you can use any SIM you like!

unlock ATT android phone finished

Now that you have a detailed guide on how to unlock AT&T Samsung S6, what are you waiting for, go rush to your freedom!

Part 3: How to Unlock AT&T Phone by AT&T

There is another legitimate means to unlock AT&T iPhone 6s, and this is by contacting AT&T themselves. This is another legitimate channel that you can avail of to unlock AT&T iPhone 6s, even if it does take a relatively longer time with greater uncertainty.

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6s by AT&T

Step 1: Contact them.

First you need to go to their official page by following this link: Following that you'll have to go through certain eligibility requirements, once you've confirmed that you meet all the requirements, you can click on the little check box verifying you've read them, and then click on 'Continue.'

Unlock AT&T iPhone 6s by AT&T

Step 2: Fill in Request Form.

You'll be shown a request form that you have to fill in. In it you'll have to provide the name of the Account Holder and the AT&T Wireless Number.

how to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6s by AT&T

Step 3: Unlock Request.

You should soon receive the unlock request to your registered email address. Click on the provided link to verify that you want to continue with the process in order for your request to be officially logged.

Step 4: Response.

You should ideally hear back from them within 2 days, but you might even have to wait a lot longer. They'll inform you if your application has been approved, and if so they'll give you further information on what to do next.

With this process you should, hopefully, be able to unlock AT&T iPhone 6s.

These are all legitimate means by which to unlock AT&T Phone, and we've shown you how to unlock AT&T iPhone 6 and how to unlock AT&T Samsung S6, for iOS and Android users respectively. Ideally speaking you ought to use dr.fone as they have a really quick service, all within legitimate means (which is why your warranty doesn't lapse.)

However, you could also go by the carriers themselves, however you should probably know that Carriers themselves have a stake in maintaining as many users as possible, which is why they introduce the contract locking system in the first place. As a result of that they ensure that should you not meet even the slightest of criteria that they've set up they can deny your unlock request. They also have quite a large list of requirements you need to meet to be eligible for it. However, using dr.fone is a one stop process, and it does guarantee to unlock AT&T phone within a period of 48 hours, making them a far more attractive alternative.

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