Heaven Dampier:
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Welcome to another ‘share session, this time we have Heaven Dampier, who is a mom, wife, and content creator. Her channels span Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube covering everything about being a mom and her lifestyle and fashion.

Heaven believes that there’s no excuse to start being creative. Just to start with whatever you have, wherever you are. Read on to find out how creativity is a core part of who she is.

Wondershare: What is the value of creativity to you?
I consider myself to be a creative person to my core. If I’m not creating - even just something little like taking a photo or a short video - I feel like I lose my sense of purpose. To me, creating definitely makes me feel activated, both as a person and in life in general.

“If you want to create, my biggest piece of advice is to start right now... with whatever you have and grow with it”

What would you say to a young creator to inspire them?
If you want to create, my biggest piece of advice is to start right now. I felt like I needed the right set of tools, to have the right camera, and to be in the right place in my life. But the truth is you can start right now with whatever you have and grow with it, there is no excuse not to.

The second biggest thing that will help you, is to also be yourself. While it’s true that social channels are saturated, the way to make yourself different and to have people want to follow you is to be you.

Why is it important to you to share your life?
I think it’s important to share my life as a mom, because being a mom is hard. It’s hard work! And it’s difficult to find authenticity.

There’s so much hard work that goes on behind the scenes - sometimes all you see is pretty pictures. And I want to be the mom that shows other moms that hard work and authenticity, that they can come to me and see that realness. A lot of moms feel so much relatability when they see other moms being real, authentic and vulnerable about their life.

What does it mean to share a part of you through creativity?
I truly feel that some people have a hard time expressing themselves in ways other than being creative. If they can’t write something down or sing a song, they feel like they have no outlet. But the truth is, being creative is such an important and necessary outlet for people like myself to communicate and connect.

“The best way to be creative is to be true to yourself and who you are.”

How has your life changed after creating your channel?
I think number 1 the biggest thing I’ve enjoyed and loved, is connections I’ve made with other people. Especially in the mom community - it helps you to see and hear about other stories of what moms are going through, and you feel so much support. I felt less alone, and like I had a community of friends who were going through the same thing. I always want to be someone that can be a light to other people. To show them that although being a mom is hard, it can be beautiful.

Fashion has also always been such a big part of my life, ever since I was little. Fashion and motherhood gave me another outlet. I’m against the cliches of motherhood, that you can’t be cool or dress fashionably, that you’re restricted to a “mom look”. I LOVE my persona of being the cool Korean mom.

What does it mean to be creative?
To be creative means to be yourself. I’ve heard and read this so many times, and it’s hard to put this into practise. But the more you do it - the more you create and make, the easier it’ll get. The best way to be creative is to be true to yourself and who you are.

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