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Samsung Galaxy Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files on Samsung Galaxy

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Smart phone? Samsung Galaxy Series is one of the popular series of smart phones today, and range from medium budget to flagship models. Currently, new S6 models has been released which is catching a lot of attention and is in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6S.

While owning a Galaxy phone can feel amazing, you need to take care of your phone too so that it sticks with you for a long time. As phones get used and old, lot of issues can arise. Many of the problems arise due to heavy usage without proper care. For instance, if you do not close the apps running in the background, it consumes too much RAM, leading to device lagging and battery overheating.

Another problem is data loss. Samsung Galaxy devices have also seen issues related to data loss. Here are three reasons why data loss occurs in devices.

1. Most of the phones are dependent on SD card due to low internal space. Due to Corrupt SD card often the phone apps stop working causing major data loss. SD card corruption occurs due to virus or corrupt software. Even if you remove this virus or software, there is good chance of losing your important data. Hardware malfunction can also cause major data loss.
2. Sometimes an app can also cause the data loss. Many apps have access to sensitive data on our phone such as contacts, messages and many more.
3. Sometimes updates can also cause data loss. In case, update fails during the installation, your phone malfunctions and in recovery mode your phone can lose important data.

How to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy devices

Wondershare Dr.fone for Android (android data recovery) is recovery software that help you find the lost data from your device. You can install it on your computer and connect your Samsung Galaxy phone via cable. You can recover data like contacts, messages, media files etc.

recover messages from samsung
You can recover data to your computer or phone. You can also recover your data from cloud sources.
Types of data you can recover include photos, contacts, SMS, documents, calendar, notes, reminders, memos, bookmarks and many more.
Software helps you recover the data, which were lost due to factory reset, damage, crash and ROM flashing.
You can also use software to repair your android.
Moreover, it has features that allows you to preview the recovery files.
Design of the software is intuitive, easy to use and it guides your through the process.

How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy devices in steps

Step 1. Install the software and launch it on your phone. Once the software is on, connect your phone to the computer and let the software detect your phone.

recover files from samsung

Step 2. Now go to start scan to begin the process. Software will scan through your device. Once the scan is complete it will list the data you can recover to your device. You can check the left panel and make sure data is ticked.

samsung broken screen recover text messages

Step 3. From the top you can search the data you want to recover specifically. You can toggle the options to see the deleted data. Now just click recover to begin the recover process.

recover text messages from broken samsung

What if the Samsung Galaxy device is in Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode helps you to manage the phone from the root. However, after firmware updates the phone may get stuck into look due to improper update installation. The phone keeps starting in to recovery mode and crashes out. Here is how you can solve the recovery mode issue:

Requirement: Odin, firmware rare file, cable and computer.

Step 1. Open Odin software on your computer and leave the default settings as it is. Now tick the PDA file and upload the firmware tar file.

recover data from samsung

Step 2. Restart your phone on download mode. You can find the right button combination to that. It is usually power and volume button. Connect your device to computer. Once the phone is connected you will see ID:com turn yellow.

These steps can easily help you prevent data loss. Don’t worry about data loss any more, use Wondershare today!

Step3. Now just click start button and let the complete process finish and your phone will be automatically rebooted in recovery mode and just restart your phone. It will automatically start.


Wondershare Dr.fone for Android - A Simple Way to Recover Your Lost Android Data

  • Supported 6000+ Android devices including Samsung, HTC, Google, LG, etc.
  • Available to recover deleted contacts, messages, photos, video, call history, documents, etc.
  • Preview and selectively recover what you want from the scan result on your Android device.
  • Both rooted and unrooted Android devices are supported.

Hot Samsung Galaxy devices

Galaxy has launched new phones in the series with better designs and updated features. E and A are new sub-series introduces with in the Galaxy series. Here are the top 5 hottest phone in Galaxy series:

1. Galaxy S6
It is the latest edition in the series that comes with sturdy metal body, amazing performance and great screen. It is one of the lightest phone in the series.

2. Galaxy S6 Edge
New Edge feature in Galaxy S6 makes it unique phone and gives you not only great looking phone but it comes with amazing edge features.

3. Galaxy E5
It is one of the new midrange phones that gives new metallic look. It is much slimmer and lighter than pervious phones.

4. Galaxy E7
Powered with powerful configuration and new design of Galaxy E series this phones gives great user experience.

5. Galaxy A7
A7 is one of the new models with metallic body that brings new look for Samsung smartphones. It is slim, light and gives you amazing performance.

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Enjoy your phone on your computer

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You can connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable. Then click Computer on the desktop and open your phone folder to check the files.
I have never connected phone to computer. How is this done? I am a tyro when it comes to doing all this with a smart phone. I simply want to have the pictures on the phone in the gallery. My other Galaxy did not do this when I put pictures into folders.
Hi, when you connect your phone to the computer, can you see these pics in the phone folders? If not, you can download Dr.Fone for Android to recover these files for a try.
I created a few albums to organize some pictures. Now all the other pictures will not show up in the gallery. How do I find them and get them to come back to the gallery?
Hi, I have GT-S7580 and when I try to do all the steps it says that it dosn''t get identifying or something. I understand that I have to root it, but I don''t know what that is and i don''t know how to do it. I really need my pictuers since i took them yesterday when i was on holliday, and i was going to show them to my mother but then i accidentaly deleted the file that has all the pictures i have taken whit my camera -.- pleas help me! :(
Yes, you need to get the full version if you want to process the recovery.
nvm I figure it out!! But we have to pay to get our photos and vid back!!??
My thing is in a foreign language. How do I change it?
No, normally it will not take a long time. We can refer to the following tips to try again:
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