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Keep your data and tech safe and secure with our range of data confusion-free management solutions.

Your complete mobile solution.

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David B. Lunn, Verified DrFone User

“Dr.Fone has been a great tool”

Keep your mobile phone running at 100%
with our feature-rich toolkit.

Recover your data from your phone
Transfer data between your phone and computer
Repair your iOS system
Permanently erase data from your phone
Remove your phone's lock screen
Backup & restore your Whatsapp, LINE, Kik, Viber
Copy data from one phone to another
Backup & restore your contacts, photos, etc

The ultimate and professional data recovery tool.

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Chantelle Phillips, Verified Recoverit User

“Helped me recover ancient files”

Rescue deleted files, photos, music,
emails, and more.

Recycle bin recovery
Formatted drive recovery
Systems crash recovery
Lost/resized partition recovery
Deleted files recovery
External devices recovery
Virus caused data loss recovery
All-round recovery

Looking for more?
Here are some products that can secure your family and data.

A mobile monitoring app to help you keep your family safe.
Transfer data between mobile devices with zero effort.

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