How to Backup Blackberry Contacts and Transfer them to Other Devices

Backing up your blackberry contacts and other data is an essential step to protect your data in case it is lost due to system failure or software error. In addition, several times during formatting, you might lose your contacts unintentionally and there are not many options to retrieve them. The best way you can opt for is to back up your data so that you can have access to your important data or even transfer them to other devices.

The benefits of backing up your blackberry contacts and other data are that it is so fast and efficient all the while. It does not take long to back up data and you can restore it with a click of a button. The backed up files can be saved on your PC or other device. There are various ways in which you can back up your blackberry contacts and the most popular of them include using the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Part 1: Backup Blackberry Contacts with Blackberry Desktop Manager

Blackberry Desktop Manager is easy to use software to Backup and restore your contacts and other data to another device. It makes a safe copy of all your important data and provides you access to it anytime. You can also protect it with a password (that is encrypting it) so that your data remains safe from any unwanted eyes. There are various versions to this software and before you proceed with one ensure that it is compatible with the devices you have. Most of the versions have the same process of backing – up and restoring data especially contacts but some steps might differ. We are using one of the most advanced versions of the software – Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.0 for PC. The steps are the same for the 7.1 version also and almost similar to previous versions.

How to Backup Blackberry Contacts and Transfer them to Other Devices

The following steps need to be followed to use this software and Backup data –

1. Connect your blackberry to your PC or other compatible device.

2. Open the Blackberry Desktop Software and click on Device then Back up.

3. Click on Full (all device data and settings) to back up all device data.

4. Click on Back up button and disconnect the Smartphone when the process completes.

5. Your back up data file will be saved in your Documents folder.

You can also encrypt your back up file by protecting it with a password so that no one other than you can have access to it. If you forget to back up your device every now and then, there is an automatic back up feature also available that can easily help you.

Part 2: Transfer Blackberry Contacts to iPhone or Android Devices

The files that you have backed up on your PC or other device is a safe copy of all your important data. However, you cannot view these files on your PC or on any other device except a Blackberry Smartphone. What if you want to change your phone to the latest iPhone or Android phones? Hence, it is important to restore this data to another device and you can easily do this using restoring software like Wondershare Mobiletrans. This software will also help to easily transfer your data from an old phone to a new phone.

Wondershare MobileTrans

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Wondershare MobileTrans helps you to transfer contacts, messages and media from one device to another without any hassle. You can also transfer all your contacts, messages, even call logs. It works on Android, OS and even on Symbian platforms. All you have to do is follow a few steps and you are done. This works well in case you want to transfer all data from your old phone to your new phone. In addition, it is helpful to transfer back up files to a new device in case of a system error or software failure. Here’s how it works –

Step 1 – Connect both your devices to the computer

How to Backup Blackberry Contacts and Transfer them to Other Devices

Connect both the devices to the computer i.e. the one from which the data is being transferred and the other in which data is being transferred. Then install and run the Wondershare MobileTrans. Click on the Start button to enter the phone to phone transfer tab and the software will automatically recognize your devices that have been connected with the computer. If it doesn’t recognize the devices then remve them and connect them again to the computer.

Step 2 – Start transferring the data from one phone to another

How to Backup Blackberry Contacts and Transfer them to Other Devices

The software scans the source phone and will list all the items that can be copied and transferred to your other phone. The list would contain stuff like contacts, text messages, media (images and videos) and even applications. You can easily select the ones you wish to retrieve and transfer. Then click on the Start Copy button and they will be automatically copied to your other phone without any hassle.

These are the two most popular ways to transfer data from your blackberry to another. You can also try to find other methods as well. There are various other softwares also that help in the same task and you can also get free trials with each of them.

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