Top Ten WinX DVD Author Player Alternatives

WinX DVD Author is a popular DVD player that allows you to create your own DVDs from videos on your computer, movies you have filmed with your own camera, or webcam footage. It can work with a variety of types of DVDs, including DVD plus and minus Rs, DVD-RWs, and DVD DL plus and minus Rs and RWs. But sometimes you want something else. Here are ten of the best WinX DVD Author alternatives out there.

1. ImgBurn

This free program doesn’t take up much room on your computer and it is not a drain on your computer’s resources. It allows you to create DVDs, HD DVDs, dual-layer DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. It can also burn CDs. It’s also extremely flexible in that it comes in over 30 languages and it supports Unicode files. Whether you are running an old Windows 95 computer or a top of the line Windows 8 64-bit computer, ImgBurn will work. It also runs on Wine for Linux. You are able to set your own write speed for every drive on your computer.


2. Nero Burning ROM

Nero is one of the most common programs used for creating media discs. It often comes packed on computers as part of the initial set up package, or in boxes of disc drives sold in the aftermarket. You can create your own discs thanks to the easy to use burning program, with anything from videos to music, to photos on them. You can even use it for data back up disc creation. It is a big program, though, so expect it to take up quite a bit of hard drive space, up to 2 GB, and that it will create a drain on memory resources.


3. DVD Flick

This program is able to be installed on Windows, Wine, and Linux. It is open source, but it is still a powerful program. You can use it to create DVDs from any number of videos you have on your hard drive, from 45 different formats. Those DVDs can then be played on your computer or on your home DVD player. Add menus or subtitles if you wish. It’s easy to use and free to install, without any bloatware add-ons like some other free programs are packed with.


4. DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab is a very popular program that works on both Windows machines and Macs. It enables you to create DVDs from your entire video collection, whether they are videos you have downloaded or ones you have filmed yourselves. It can burn DVDs for playback on almost any DVD player, or it can save them to a folder to burn later or keep as a backup file. You will not lose much in the quality of videos, and you won’t lose much time thanks to the speed at which DVDFab works. Create menus and fabricate your own movies using some of the built in templates.


5. DVDStyler

This program is able to be used on a number of computers, including Windows machines, Macs, and Linux computers. It’s open source freeware. You can burn DVDs to share with others and play on home machines. If you want to make your own professional looking movies, you can, using the menu templates, or create your own menus. Do you have a lot of photos? You can use DVDStyler to make your own slideshows, too. You are also able to mix audio and video formats on the same disc. The interface is easy to use and allows you to drag and drop your files into the order you want.


6. DeVeDe

This open source program allows you to convert any video file to a DVD that you can then share with friends and family. The finished disc is playable on home DVD players, giving you freedom from your computer. You can also make VCDs and CVDs. It works on Linux and Windows machines. It doesn’t take up much room on your computer, but it does need another program for playback on your computer.


7. Windows DVD Maker

As the name indicates, this is for Windows machines. It comes pre-loaded on many machines, but if your computer did not come with it, you can download the program as part of Live Essentials on Vista or Windows 7 computers. You can use Windows DVD Maker to create your own region-free homemade DVDs from videos and photos. You can save a project to burn later, or you can go ahead and create your DVD right away. If you choose to save your project, you can add more files to the project before making the final product.


8. Free Video to DVD Converter

Just as the name implies, this is a free program that lets you create your own DVDs that you can then play on your home DVD player. It’s designed to work on Windows machines. You can not only make your own DVDs, but you can also use it to convert video files. Several videos can be added to the same project before burning onto a disc. Free Video will make a menu to help you navigate all of the files easily. This program does have other programs bundled with it, so if you do not want any of them, you’ll want to go through the installation process carefully.



This program is an open source program that allows you to convert several types of video files to DVD folders and you can then burn those files onto DVDs. You can do some basic editing and add menus. AVS even allows you to add subtitles by using the Subtitles Creator that has been built in. You can add several subtitle tracks, too.


10. Wondershare DVD Creator

This DVD creation software is able to help you craft DVDs on Windows or Mac computers, including Windows 8. Its easy to use interface will make it a cinch for you to create slideshows or your own DVDs with ease. There are a number of free menu templates you can use to add a professional touch. Add music in the background, too, if you wish. Before you burn them to DVD, you can do some editing of videos or cleaning up of pictures, including removing the black bands on videos. Then just drag the file into the DVD Creator and click burn. That’s it!


So there you go – ten great programs that are alternatives to WinX DVD Author. No matter what kind of operating system you have, you’ll be able to find a program just right for you.

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I have created TWO DVDs with this software, but now the software crashes when trying to create another dvd? I did the exactly same process to create more dvds. Is there possibly a LIMIT of dvds I can create free? THANKS!
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