Top 10 Free 3D Modeling Applications

Three dimensional (3D) computer graphics are now widely used, let it be movies, products designs, advertisements, etc. Although they are commonly seen, that doesn’t mean they are easily created. To help you get into 3D modeling in 2014, we created this list of the top 10 free 3D modeling applications.

1. Blender

3d modeling application

This free 3d modeling program was developed from scratch with the intention of being open source. It is extremely versatile and can be used for many different functions such as texturing, rigging, animating, and rendering. At the grand price of zero, this is a great program and you do not want to miss it.

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2. Google Sketchup

3d modeling application

Google Sketchup is an amazing software for a number of reasons. The first is that it is so easy to use that even small children can use it. Secondly, it has the ability to scale up in complexity from incredibly small projects all the way up into large physics simulations. All results can also be exported as videos, images, and views.

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3. AutoQ3D Community

3d modeling application

AutoQ3D Community is a great program that allows easy editing and the full use of your PC's graphics card. It has a wonderfully intuitive interface and is provided free of charge to the public under a GNU public license, It is primarily used for prototyping 3D designs and testing their feasibility.

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4. 3D Canvas

3d modeling application

3D Canvas is a piece of software that allows an artist to use real-time 3D modeling and utilize a drag-and-drop system of model construction. This is a much simpler way to make models than other modeling programs and can allow for a fast and easy way to construct things in record time.

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5. DesignWorkshop Lite

3d modeling application

DesignWorkshop Lite is an excellent quality 3D model program for pursuits that are generally related to buildings and construction projects. However, this program has a vast amount of flexibility and can be used for nearly everything that operates in 3D. Few other design programs are as good at overall flexibility.

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6. K3D Surf

3d modeling application

K3D Surf is a program that visualizes and harnesses math models in multiple dimensions beyond the simple three. Complicated parametric equations and iso-surfaces are also allowed and can be computed within the software. This one does not require any unique skills as it is mainly just plugging in data and seeing how it is drawn.

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7. Bishop3D

free 3d application

Bishop3D is a modeling program that is highly popular and lets its users create highly realistic images and 3D models with ease. Scenes can be modeled in an interactive manner and use scripts to animates them. The texture editor is also excellent as well due to the large variety of detail available.

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8. FreeCad

free 3d modeling application

FreeCad is a software piece with more low-level functionality than some other ones listed here. However, it is very good for those who are just beginning and also those who want to stimulate motion. Motions can be recorded with great accuracy and are used by professionals to determine scientific answers.

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9. 3DPlus

free 3d modeling application

3DPlus allows total beginners to get into the 3D modeling game without any prior experience with coding. This is perfect for small children or those who truly are beginners and simply have no idea what they are doing with their project yet. Many people can benefit from this as an instructional aid as well.

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10. Anim8or

3d modeling application

Anim8or is a wonderful piece of software that specializes in allowing the peopel that use it to build models that use rudimentary shapes such as cylinders. More complicated shapes can be made over time once the shapes have been established. The more complicated a person wants their model to be, the greater the amount of shapes will have to be.

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