Aspyr Media American McGee's Alice for Mac

Based on the fairy tale, American McGee's Alice is an adventure game whose setting is strangely familiar but completely wicked with the famous story. In the game, Alice returned to Wonderland by receiving an urging call. Having arrived, Alice discovered that the whole land had been occupied by the evils. In the game, players should beat those evils.

Same setting as in the fairy tale

The same locations and same characters as in the fairy tale, the Wonderland of Alice, will deliver the player into the Alice Wonderland. Since the land was befouled from the fungal rot of the Mushroom Forest to the detestable chemistry of the Mad Hatter's Domain and beyond, the players acting as Alice must remove the stronghold of enemies, encounter and beat the force of evil, and undo the chaos, even though there are mortal danger and cavernous confusion that surrounds her.

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