How to Add Subtitles to Videos and Movies in iMovie

iMovie comes with many subtitle styles for you to make professional looking title effect for your iMovie videos. There are many reasons why you want to add subtitles to your videos and movies, for example, you have downloaded a video from YouTube that is in German and want to add English subtitles to it so that your friends can understand it. Or you have made a home movie and want to add subtitles in iMovie to add some special feeling and illustration to your movies. Or just want to add some closing credits. Anyway, subtitles are sometimes necessary and important for a good movie. And adding subtitles to movies in iMovie is very simple. Now follow the steps to add subtitles in iMovie.

Part 1: How to add subtitles to videos in iMovie

Step 1. Open your iMovie project

Please make sure you have started an iMovie project. Go to File > New Project to add a new project. Drag video clips from the event browser to the project.

Step 2. Select a title style and apply it

Select T for Titles from the menu bar. You can preview a title style by moving your mouse over it. Choose the one you'd like to apply and drag it over to your project at where you want to add a title.

If you want to add subtitles between video clips, drag the style until a green bar appears before the clip. After you release your mouse, a Background window will pop up, asking you to choose background for your subtitles. Select the background you like, and you will see the subtitles displayed in the Project.

If you want to add subtitles to a video as caption, you can just drag the style to the place where you want to add subtitles. You don't need to choose a background color, as the Title will be laid over the Clip.

Step 3. Enter text for your titles

Your text will be highlighted now in the Viewer and you can change it to whatever you'd like. For example, if you want to change the font style of the subtitles, you can go to Show Fonts > Change Fonts to change the font color, style, size, face, etc.

For subtitles between video clips, you can preview it and it will be shown like this:

For subtitles on video clips, you will see it like this:

Step 4. Change the duration

Now you have added subtitles to iMovie project and videos. If you want to change the duration of your iMovie subtitles, you can double-click on the title clip and change the Duration in the Inspector or just drag the slider in the project to change it position and duration.

imovie subtitles

Part 2: An easier way to add subtitles to videos in Mac

wondershare video editor for mac

If you want to easily and quickly add subtitles to your video files, another powerful video editing tool- Filmroa for Mac(Originally Wondershare Video Editor for Mac) is recommended. It supports various video formats such as MP4, FLV, AVI, VOB, 3GP, ASF, MOV, F4V, M4V, MPG and more, so you don’t need to convert them to iMovie supported formats. Now have a quick read about how to add subtitles using this tool. Learn more >>

Step 1. Import your files

After running this software, select "16:9" or "4:3" to build a new project. Then directly drag-n-drop your photos or videos to the corresponding track. Here a media browser is for you to conveniently get files from your iTunes library, iMovie, etc..

imovie slideshow

Step 2. Add and customize subtitles

After that, hit the "Edit" button and go to the “Text” tab to preview the provided title style. Choose the one you like and double click to add it to the video file. Then double click the text box to enter your words or change Font, size and color of your texts.

imovie subtitles

Step 3. Export your file with subtitles

After adding subtitles, click “Export” to save your file. There are four ways for you to choose: "Creating Video", "Exporting to Device", "Uploading to You Tube" and "Burning DVD". Select the way you want to save or share your videos and click “Create”.

imovie subtitles

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Hi, you can add the title yourself. Step 3:Enter text for your titles
how to change language in title
This was helpful for my videos, Thanks
This helped me so much! Thank you!
When adding subtitles, I've a problem with my text which doesn't take all the space left on the right side of the box and consequently goes to the next line too early. It is like if only 70% of the line is used. Any clue on how make the text fit the whole space? Thanks!
Hello Marilyn, according to the introduction for imovie in the apple website, it has this function.
Can you use imovie app for iPod touch to make a photo slidshow with words
Hi, mc, well noted your concern. Maybe you can export the clip with subtitles first. Then import it to apply it anywhere you want. Hope it works for you. Best regards,
I have the same problem as nathanm79, how do I move clips with subtitles to another project because when you cut and paste it the subtitles don't come with it. Can it be moved with the subtitles? Thanks
Hi, Rookie, maybe you can try Wondershare Video Editor to do it. Just drag your ticker tape onto the PIP, and then customize the length and position. Hope it works for you. Best regards,
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