Sony Vegas VS Final Cut Pro, Which One Is Good For You

When it comes to professional video editing, Sony Vegas Pro and Final Cut Pro are two of the popular software that comes loaded with array of features. Selecting between the two can be a difficult task as each of these software has their associated pros and cons. Below given information will help you to make decision as to which software will prove apt as per your requirements.

Part 1: Sony Vegas Vs final cut pro

Software/Features Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas Pro

Overall rating

9.78 8.53

Overall designing

Excellent with intermediate skill requirement , GPU acceleration and 64 bit architecture Fair with basic skill requirement, GPU acceleration and 64 bit architecture

Supported Platform

Mac OS X Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Price of the software

$300 $600

Application availability

Available for mobile as well as desktop Only available for desktop
Auto Save features Yes No

Subtitle features

No Yes
Direct Camcorder Capture Yes No

Video input formats supported

MXF, avchd (MTS), MPEG, MPEG-2

Audio Input and output  formats supported AIF. MP3, WAV M4A, OGG, WMA, MP3, WAV,
Video Output formats supported QuickTime(MOV) MPEG, MPEG-2 WMV, MPEG, MPEG-2
Publishing Presets Podcasts High Definition, Web, Mobile devices
Pros Associated with the software
  • GPS utilization
  • Real time graphics and effects
  • Powerful media organization
  • 64 bit architecture
  • Colorsync managed color pipeline
  • Support of native format
  • Mlticam editing
  • Resolution independence
  • Support of full high quality Pro-Res
  • Powerful tools of audio
  • Facility of importing layered photoshop files
  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • OpenFX plugin architecture
  • Muticamera editing
  • 2D and 3D compositing modes
  • DirectX plugin support
  • Native 4K XAVC support
  • VST plugin support

Cons associated with the software

  • Only compatible with OS X
  • Unprofessional and un familiar color grading
  • Issues with format and compatibility
  • No support for OMFI

Part 2: Sony Vegas reviews

  1. URL:
  2. The topten reviews has given 8.53 out of 10 to Sony Vegas software and according to them, the pros associated with the software include iPad app and proxy first workflows that enables you to edit from your desk. The workflows and interface of the software is not as refined as other software and this is a negative point associated with the software. Overall, the software is good and comes packed with all the features that are needed in top video editors.

  3. URL:
  4. The latest version of the software has a user friendly interface and workflow with decent list of specifications that comes at a pocket friendly price.

  5. URL:
  6. The techreviewer liked many features of the software like its ease of use, stability, effects & transitions and others. The drawback associated with the software is its compatibility with only Windows platform without any support for Mac devices. Overall rating given is 4.5.

    Sony Vegas VS Final Cut Pro, Which One Is Good For You

Part 3: Final cut pro reviews

  1. URL:
  2. With rating of 9.78 out of 10, the program is one of the best with its amazing tools and magnetic timeline. One of the major drawback associated with the software is its compatibility with only latest version of Apple OS X.

  3. URL:
  4. It is simple and powerful video editing software that comes loaded with array of features like magnetic and trackless timeline, good organizational tools, multicam support and others.

  5. URL:
  6. With 5 star rating, the software comes packed with list of features like easy to use 3D text, media management options, saving of customized effects presets, support for professional video formats and others. Some of the cons associated with the software are no built-in tools for creating custom effects mask shapes and the saved effect presets are not copied intuitively between the systems.

    Sony Vegas VS Final Cut Pro, Which One Is Good For You

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