How to Search, Hide or Block Facebook Messenger Messages on iOS

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Own an iPad or an iPhone? If you love everything Apple, you would love the iOS. Using Facebook on your iOS device is easy – all you need is to download the Facebook app from the iOS store. However, going to the Facebook app every time can be time consuming. What if there was an easier way out?

Facebook is a major social media platform, and the Facebook Messenger app is one of the most used apps on iOS devices. The App allows you send and receive messages independent of the Facebook. Hence, you can manage the Facebook message with ease. Users love the full control over their messages, such as search Facebook Messenger messages, hide and block the Facebook Messenger messages. These features allow you to use messenger efficiently. It allows you to search Facebook Messenger messages more quickly, you can also hide and block the Facebook Messenger messages to maintain privacy and keep away the spam messages.

Part 1: How to Search Facebook Messenger Messages

How do you reduce the time for searching the right Facebook Messages without browsing for hours? If you love chatting, you probably have thousands of messages with your friends, and this is where dr.fone helps.

dr.fone - iOS Data Recovery is great software to find the lost data from the iOS device. You can install it on a Mac or Windows PC. All you have to do is installing and launching it. Connect your iOS device to the computer; you can search the data on your phone. You can recover files such as photos, contacts, text messages, and videos.

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Here is how you can search for the messages of your Facebook Messenger:

1.Install the software on your computer and launch it. After launch window, you must connect your device to the computer and let dr.fone to detect your iOS device automatically and show you the window for "Recover from iOS Device".

start to search facebook messages

2. Now click on the Start Scan. Allow the software to scan through your device. Once the scan is complete, it will show the complete list of data that is on your device. You can mange the data you want to see from the left panel. Make sure you have selected the Facebook Messenger.

searching facebook message

2.From the top right of the software you can search the message. You can search using the name of the person or any keyword to find the message. Toggle the option of Show Only the Deleted Items.

search facebook message completed

Part 2: How to Hide and Block the Facebook Messenger Messages

If you want to further manage the messages on your Facebook Messenger. You can hide or block message by archiving them. You can easily archive any conversation. By archiving, you are not deleting the message. Instead you are securely storing it on you Facebook profile. In future, you can access it again by unarchiving them. Here the steps you can follow to archive the messages:

1. Open your Facebook Messenger and go to the conversation you want hide.

2. Once you have chosen the conversation you are looking to hide, perform long touch until new options pop up. Pop up will have options like archive, delete, and mark as spam, mute notification and many more. Now tap on the Archive.

hide Facebook Messenger messages

As it will be archived, the conversation is removed from the Facebook Messenger. If you are looking to unhide it, just go to the archived list and choose unarchive it. The message will be restored it to original place on the Facebook Messenger.

Another thing you may want to do is block a sender or contact on the Facebook Messenger. Blocking helps you keep the scammer away. You will be using mark as spam option. This does not stop the sender from messaging you but you won't see the message in Facebook Messenger, it will be stored as spam message.

1. Launch the Facebook Messenger and scroll through the conversation you want to block.

2. Now go to the conversation and perform a long touch until a new widget pops up. Now go to the Mark as Spam option, it will remove the message from Facebook messenger. From next time, then you won't see the message from the sender.

block Facebook Messenger messages

Another way you can use from the Account Setting of the Facebook app. But above method is easy and quick. Just go to the Blocking option and block the user you want to block.

You can control all your messages with the above methods, easily and effectively. You can easily search, hide and block the messages from your iPhone. Above mentioned methods are easy to follow and can be done from your phone. You don't have to spend hours any more to search for the right Facebook messages - now you can do everything fast and quickly. Apps like dr.fone helps to increase productivity to a large extent.

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