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How to Change Booktype/Bitsetting with ImgBurn?

This article introduces the knowledge about DVD disc booktype (or bitsetting). It's relatively simple and an easy guide is also provided to change booktype with ImgBurn free DVD tool. No prior knowledge required. Read on and easily solve the DVD compatibility problems on DVD players and game console.

What's Booktype/Bitsetting?

The book type is a field of four bits that presents at the start of every DVD disc. Many devices such as DVD drives will use this field to identify if it is a DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW or DVD-ROM (read only) and determine how the DVD disc should be treated. See table below for the code for DVD disc types.

Code Disc Type
0000 DVD-ROM
0001 DVD-RAM
0010 DVD-R or DVD-R DL
0011 DVD-RW
1001 DVD+RW
1010 DVD+R
1101 DVD+RW DL
1110 DVD+R DL

Why Change Booktype/Bitsetting?

Below might be the main reasons why you need to change booktype or bitsetting. It's all about compatibility issues. In a word, changing booktype/bitsetting helps you solve the compatibility problem, but note that it won't always success. It's at your own risk to ruin your discs and/or data.

1.The devices were manufactured before that particular book type had been defined in resulting failure to read the discs.

2.DVD-R and DVD+R compatibility. DVD-R is an older format than DVD+R, some DVD drives could read and write DVD-R, rather than DVD+R. Changing to DVD-ROM booktype will usually defeat this problem so you can use your DVD discs in an old DVD player or a game console.

How to Change Booktype/Bitsetting?

A large amount of variably priced DVD burners allow you to change Booktype / Bitsetting. Of course, you could also change DVD disc booktype at no charge, such as using ImgBurn. ImgBurn is a lightweight yet powerful CD and DVD related toolkit. You can almost do anything related to DVD with it. Today, you will learn how to change booktype / bitsetting in ImgBurn.

First download ImgBurn here if you have no yet got it installed. When it opens, click the first icon on the right column or go to "Mode -> Build" and switch to Device tab on the right. ImgBurn will show you the details about the DVD hardware that is present, as well as any disc that is inserted into the drive itself.

Next, click the Book icon in the bottommost corner to bring up below dialog:

dvd booktype converter

You have many manufacturers to choose from here. Remember, some drives may not have these brand names, but the drive itself may have been made by one of these companies. So just select your manufacturer. Then you get there options: Change for, Current setting, and New setting.

In the "Change for" dropdown list, select what type of media you want to change the booktype for. Depending on your drive model, you may change booktype for DVD+R, DVD+R DL and/or DVD+RW. However, this does vary from model to model.

The most important option is "New setting", you are highly recommended to change it to DVD-ROM for more wide compatibility, which is the purpose of this article. When finished, you will get a prompt says "Success" and congratulations, you can probably play DVD normally on any compatible devices (DVD player, game console…) with booktype changed DVD discs.

Change DVD Booktype Tips

If it's a blank disc, to confirm the DVD booktype, you could burn it with ImgBurn and re-insert to DVD drive. Then go to "Mode -> Read" to look at the information. If ImgBurn reports it as DVD-ROM, then all is ready to try it with your DVD hardware.

Burn DVD in Mac

ImgBurn is only available for Mac, to burn DVD folders in Mac. You could try DVD Creator for Mac (Windows version also available) from Wondershare. It's an easy yet powerful DVD movie burning tool which support all popular video formats, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MPEG, MKV, etc. as well as HD videos (MTS/M2TS/TS/TP/TRP).

Download Mac Version

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For this guide you will need to set it to Build Mode
On your first run of ImgBurn you will probably think that it is somewhat complicated. In fact, it is very easy
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