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How to Burn DVD for Free with DVD Flick

This DVD Flick tutorial will show you how to author and burn a DVD disc with DVD Flick, which is the easy DVD authoring software for totally free.

Get Ready

Download and install DVD Flick to your computer. The default installation folder is C:Program FilesDVD Flick. You are recommended to test before authoring your DVD. So a test video having short duration and file size is required. Now see following DVD Flick tutorial to burn your first DVD with DVD Flick freeware.

Step 1: Add Titles to the Project

The user interface of DVD Flick is simple. However, there is a tiny difference between DVD Flick and general software. You don't start from the tool bar on top, instead, click the Add title... on the right. DVD Flick supports all popular video formats. Therefore, no conversion is required generally. Project information will be shown in the bottom right corner, including the title numbers, project duration, used hard disk space, etc.

dvd flick

Step 2: Edit the Titles of the Project (optional)

It's optional to edit the added title. The setting options include aspect ratio, thumbnail, chapters, subtitle, audio, and so on.

dvd flick

Add Audio Tracks

You can easily add second commentary track or some music by going to the "Audio Track" tab. If you chose a video file or the file you chose has more than one audio track, you will be asked to choose which track to add.

dvd flick

Add Subtitles

To add subtitles to a title, all you have to do is edit the title, go to the "Subtitles" tab, and use the Add button to add subtitle files to the title. You can reorder them using the arrow buttons. It's my favorite function of DVD Flick. However, there is also disadvantage of DVD Flick - you can't preview the video. My solution for this is to use VLC to preview the .vob file in VIDEO_TS folder. For subtitle preview, go to Video/Subtitle Track to select the desired track.

dvd flick

Step 3: Add a menu (optional)

DVD Flick also enables you to add an menu to your DVD, although there're only 6 available. To add a menu, go to the Menu settings button and choose a template you like. After you've chosen a template, be sure to enable the Enable menu checkbox so that the menu will be included on your disc.

Tip: Want to customize your DVD Flick template? Here is a guide to help you with that >>

dvd flick

Step 4: Create DVD Files with DVD Flick

Before converting add videos to DVD compatible files, choose a destination folder to store the files at the very bottom. By default, this folder will be completely deleted every time you create a new DVD from DVD Flick. Note that it can use 4.7GB or more space, so you'd better choose a drive that has lots of free space.

dvd flick

Now click Create DVD button to start conversion. Sit back and wait for the conversion complete. This can take up a good amount of time depending on how fast your computer is and the size of the DVD video.

dvd flick

Step 5: Burn files to DVD using ImgBurn

Next, click the Close button. Nothing happened? It's normal, because DVD Flick only generate the DVD files. To burn files to DVD, DVD Flick uses another free DVD software ImgBurn, which will be installed simultaneously with DVD Flick. Note that this is NOT a DATA DVD, it's a video DVD that you can play on any standard DVD player. Follow these instructions to burn DVD with ImgBurn.

1. Open ImgBurn in the installation folder, usually C:/Project Files/DVD Flick/imgburn/imgburn.exe

2. Click on the Write Files/Folders to Disc option.

3. Now click on the "Browse for a folder" icon at the right side tool bar.

4. In the pop-up dialog, locate the folder on your hard drive where the files were generated from DVD Flick. Basically select the folder that is called "dvd", which is the direct parent of both the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders.

5. Insert a blank DVD and then click on the Build It button at the bottom. It's the one with the folder and the green icon pointing to the DVD.

Want to get a more powerful DVD burning tool? Here Wondershare DVD Creator is highly recommended. It provides an all-in-one DVD authoring and burning solutions for users who have higher demands on DVD quality and productivity. It supports all popular photo and video formats, static and animated DVD menus, as well as slideshow creation. You could make multiple DVD copies per time if you need to burn DVDs as gift. Try it for free now.

dvd flick alternative

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I''ve got 14 3-minute youtube videos that have been encoding for almost 50 hours. Is this normal?
anything you can do to prevent the text on the root menu on DVD creator being pixilated? Text and images are blurry, even with a high res image. :-(
Hello, I was able to create DVD using DVD flick. But it is not running next title automatically on DVD Player, even when the "Play the next title" option is selected from "After a title has finished playing"
Try Wondershare DVD Creator, I use it for about two years, it has preview window, and never encounter such problem. Good luck to you!
"disadvantage of DVD Flick - you can't preview the video" - That is a real pain! I launched a burn last night of an mpg2 with everything in sync, that I hat to post off with FedEx this morning... I check it & the audio is at about half a second ahead! Why? And that is what the lack of a preview facility costs!
Thx. v. helpful :)
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