MBR Recovery: How to Fix MBR Problems

The Master Boot Record (MBR) is the first thing your PC looks at when you start it up, as this tells it where the operating system is located. If anything goes awry with this record, your OS will not be able to start and you won't be able to access any of the data on your PC.

MBR problems

You can tell when there is a problem with the MBR on your PC because you will get certain error messages thrown out at you that are typical of this problem, such as "Boot failure: System halted", "Invalid partition table", etc. Alternatively, you may be faced with just a blank screen and no text at all.

How to tackle MBR problems with Master Boot Record recovery

You should also check that there are no external drives connected that the PC may be attempting to boot from. If all else fails, the MBR will have to be repaired. If you are one of those sensible souls who perform regular backups of your system, then this is not a problem, because you'll have a recovery disk ready to hand to reboot from.

If you do not have a repair disk available, then the Wondershare LiveBoot CD 2012 is the next best option for MBR recovery.

Read the tutorial as follow and do as it guides you.

Step1. Burn bootable CD/usb drive

After installing the LiveBoot, run it and there will be a Wizard guiding you to create a bootable USB drive or CD step by step. What you should do is to take a blank usb drive or CD, and insert it to your computer. After that, you should burn it.

If you want to make it burnt by others, you can ask for one from Wondershare along with your LiveBoot order.

mbr recovery

Step2. Boot the computer from Boot USB/CD

Insert the created bootable usb drive or CD to your computer, start and choose to boot it from LiveBoot. At the beginning of the start, click F12 to set the computer booting from USB or CD-ROM, then you will get this boot menu.

mbr recovery software

Step3. Perform MBR recovery

When accessing to the boot environment, find LiveBoot and click the "Windows Recovery", where you can find "MBR Recovery" on the left side menu. There you should click on the "MBR Recovery" button to complete the Master Boot Record recovery.

master boot record recovery

When the MBR recovery finished, just take out the bootable usb drive or CD, and restart your computer normally to check the operating system.

Reasons causing MBR errors

There are two reasons why you may get these errors. The computer might be attempting to boot itself from a disk that is simply not bootable, or there may be a problem with the MBR or its related boot files. To fix MBR errors, you can try and restore your system from a previously saved restore point following on screen prompts. If it doesn't help or you don't have the backup files, you need to use MBR recovery software to recover it.

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