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Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Samsung NX2000/Mini/NX1

Samsung NX2000 Digital Camera:

Samsung NX2000 Digital Camera

The smart Samsung NX2000 camera really makes any amateur photographer feel like a professional, helping them shoot breath-taking pictures, and more importantly spread their story. This camera features a sensible DRLS sensor in a compact body, allowing the user to capture the amazing details with ease and flexibility. It even has a "Direct Link" button that allows the user to send pictures directly to a computer, printer, or cloud service, and you can do it in real time. You really don't have to worry about storage, unless your're on the go.

Lost Photos from Samsung NX3000 Camera:

It is probably the lightest professional level camera that you can take with you everywhere in your trips. Why? Simply because it fits in your pocket. You're having a DSRL camera that fits in your purse. Isn't that amazing? However, even though it has some really, really great connectivity features, when you are outdoors, you have to use your SD card to save your pictures. You're out there, having fun with your camera, and one day someone deletes all your photos. You can't believe it and the other person feels extremely sorry. You're getting over it quickly, and you know that this was an accident.

What now? Can you somehow recover deleted photo from Samsung NX3000 camera? Well, that would be great news. Don't worry, my friend! We've got you covered right here. As your guts did tell you, there is indeed a way to recover your lost files. I am going to show you exactly how to recover lost photos. Below you'll find three step by step methods.

Method A: Recover Deleted photos from Samsung NX2000 with Undeleted 360

One method to recover deleted photo from Samsung NX3000 camera is using the Undeleted 360 data recovery solution. This is pretty simple to use and, and works with almost any version of windows. One of the coolest feature of this program, is that it can recover either a single file, or an entire folder. Build to be fast and efficient, it is known to be a very effective and fast data recovery software. This program can recover that were deleted accidentally or intentionally, corrupted by a virus, or lost due to computer failures. You can download it from here.

Step 1Run the installer ;

Step 2 A new window opens. Select Destination Location, and click the "Next" button;

Undeleted360 Start Menu Folder

Step 3Select the Start Menu Folder, and hit "Next";

Undeleted360 Select Destination Location

Step 4 Setup is now ready. Click "Install";

Undeleted360 Intall

Step 5The Installation Process is now complete. Click the "Finish" button to open the application;

Undeleted360 Installation Process Complete

Step 6 Click the "Scan" button in the top left corner of the ribbon;

Step 7 A window opens. Tick the lost file location, and click "Start". Please note that you should first insert the SD card and select it from here;

Undeleted360 Files Recovery

Step 8 Next step is to configure the recovery options. Select your desired save locations, and then click the "start" button;

Undeleted360 Files Recovery Configuration

Step 9 A new list of the recovered files appears;

Step 10 Select the files you want, and click the "Recover" button in the top left ribbon corner;

Step 11 Bravo! You have successfully managed to r ecover deleted photo from Samsung NX3000 camera .

Method B: Recover Deleted photos from Samsung NX2000 with Glary Undelete

Another recovery program that you could use to recover deleted photo from Samsung NX3000 camera is Glary Undelete. Best of its feature include: supports wide formats like NTFS, FAT, and even EFS, can recover deleted files from removable media, last but not least, results can be filtered. The program can be downloaded from here.

Step 1Click the downloaded program;

Step 2 The install Window opens;

Step 3 Click the "Next" button to proceed;

Glary Setup Wizard

Step 4 Read the License Agreement, and then click the "I Agree" button;

Glary License Areement

Step 5 Select Any Additional Tasks like "Create a desktop icon", and hit the "Install" button;

Glary Additional Task Selection

Step 6To complete the Setup Wizard, click the "Finish" button;

Glary Completing Setup Wizard

Step 7 Wait for the program to open;

Step 8 Select the target location, in your case the SD(don't forget to insert it!), and click the "Search" button;

Glary Target Location

Step 9 Wait for the recovery process to finish;

Step 10 Select the "File Types" Tab on the left, and the image files type in the frame, then tick the pictures you want, and click the "Restore" button in the bottom-right corner;

Glary File Type Selection and Recovery

Step 11 A new window opens. Select the location where you want to save the recovered files. Ideally, it should be any other location than your SD card;

Step 12Open the save location, and enjoy your recovered photos;

Step 13 Happy ending! This is a great method to recover deleted photo from Samsung your NX3000 camera.

Method C :Recover Deleted photos from Samsung NX2000 with professional software

The best way to recover deleted photo from Samsung your NX3000 camera is Wondershare Data Recovery. User-friendly, fast and reliable, it can recover more than 550 file formats from multiple storage types, and most important. Likewise, it has a very simplistic interface, and is complete safety. If your're looking for the best data recovery software, search no more!You can download it to your computer.

Following the next steps will show you how to recover your lost files from your SD Card.

Step 1 Run the program, and click “Install”;

Wondershare Data Recovery Installation Process

Step 2 Hold on till the installation is finished;

Step 3 Hit “Start now”;

Step 4 Press “Activate” or “Free Trial”;

Step 5 Press the “Next” button;

Step 6 Choose the type of file to recover and press “Next”;

Wondershare Data Recovery Selecting the Files Type

Step 7 Choose the target recovery location, and hit “Next”;

Wondershare Data Recovery Target Location

Step 8 Press the “Start” button;

Wondershare Data Recovery Start Process

Step 9 If you don’t see any recovered files, select “Deep Scan”;

Step 10 Press “Recover”;

Step 11 Choose the save location;

Wondershare Data Recovery Save Location

Step 12 You made it! This is how you can Recover your Samsung NX3000 lost photos.

You might have a Samsung NX Camera other than NX3000. Here's a list of all the NX cameras that can use these three recovery methods described above: NX3000, NX500, NX1, NX30, NX MINI, NX300M, NX300,and NX2000.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Format your SD card with your camera. This will format your memory card with the file-system that your camera recognizes;
  2. Use two small SD cards instead of just a big one. This way, you'll still have the other one, in case one fails;
  3. Leave a few extra photos when you're approaching to the limit to avoid, writing data on a full SD card which might get corrupt if you're using it this way;
  4. Format your SD card after importing your photos. This process will help fix errors;
  5. You should always safely remove your SD card from your computer;
  6. Turning your camera off before removing the SD card can help you prevent data corruption;
  7. Don't use your camera when your battery is very low. It might turn off unexpectedly and cause data loss or corruption.

Having lost all your photos accidentally sounds like a disaster sometimes, especially when you just come home from your Europe Trip, and you have NO pictures to show your friends. If you haven't taken any action, and follow one of the two recovery methods described above, you'll get your files back. So, that's how you can recover deleted photo from Samsung NX3000, Don't worry! Read the step by step tutorials. You can do it!

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