The Drive and Vision Behind Wondershare

“Our drive to create a simpler world through better technology starts at the top.”

- Tobee Wu Founder and CEO Wondershare Technology

Founder and CEO Speech

“For centuries, the development of science and technology, represented by industrial revolution, has deeply changed the way of human production and human life. In recent decades, the development of the IT industry has pushed this transformation to a new apex. With the omnipresent intelligent appliances, matched with high speed internet, a whole new global computer architecture centered in cloud computing is now in construction. This is one of the biggest opportunities and challengeseen since the beginning of the human society. It has completely changed the traditional ways of human communication and digital entertainment. With this pace, soon or later, the whole world will return to a “Village Era”. To all IT practitioners, this is the best time.

Wondershare’s mission: Wonderful Software, Wonderful Life, a wisdom originated in thousands year of Chinese culture: the True Harmony rooted among our diligent people. Wondershare is dedicated to becoming a world leading smart home technology enterprise, a team with global vision and great insights into the industry, providing applications and services based on a whole new internet and computer environment.

This is just a starting point for us. From here, I know that we can, and we will achieve more and more along the way in every step we take.

A thousand miles journey begins with a single step. As the founder of Wondershare, I have simply sparked an inspiration, and happen to have the honor to be the torchbearer. With the world’s eyes and cheers upon us all, the torch of Wondershare will be passed from one to the other. I believe that the Wondershare spirit will ignite a revolution within the global industry in the near future.”

Tobee Wu Founder and CEO

Our Story

Wondershare's story begins with a simple question - How can software make life easier?