“Our story began with a
simple idea”

Tobee Wu Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“Our story began with a simple idea — an easy way to share life’s wondrous moments at the click of a button. This idea sparked a passion within me — one to create better solutions for life’s everyday moments and challenges. That’s when Wondershare was born.”

For centuries, the development of science and technology has irrevocably changed human life forever. And in recent decades, the tech industry has pushed this transformation to new heights.

Advanced technical developments, coupled with high speed internet, means a new global architecture centered in cloud computing is now under construction. This is one of the biggest opportunities and challenges ever seen for human society. It has completely changed traditional human communication and entertainment. With this evolution, sooner or later, the whole world will return to a “village era”.

This is Wondershare’s mission: to be the forefront of this change for generations to come. With a philosophy of child-like wonder in everything we do, we’re deeply connected to thousands of years of Chinese culture — to create true harmony with our diligent team to help us get there.

This dedication to becoming a world-leading software provider and team with a global vision, is just a starting point. From here, we know that we can, and will, achieve more and more.

A thousand miles journey begins with a single step, and as the founder of Wondershare, I had the honour to spark the inspiration. With the world’s eyes upon us, the torch of Wondershare will be passed from one to the other. And I believe that the Wondershare spirit will ignite a revolution within the global industry.

Tobee Wu

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Wondershare Technology Group

Our history

Explore our milestones and see how it all began.


We welcomed Edraw

In 2019 Edraw became a part of the Wondershare family. Expanding our offering for users in our office productivity business unit.


We successfully launched on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On January 18, 2018, Wondershare had its listing ceremony on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Filmora is released

Video editing has always been at our core, and in 2015 we launched Filmora. It soon became a fan favorite, doubling sales to become our star product.


Canada became home to a new Wondershare office

2014 saw our office in Vancouver open its doors. Becoming home to our marketing and design team.


10th Anniversary of Wondershare

To celebrate, we released Dr.fone — the world's first data recovery product specially designed for iOS and Android.


Wondershare becomes a limited company

In 2012, Wondershare was formally established as "Shenzhen Wondershare Information Technology Co., Ltd."


Second round of strategic financing

This second round of financing saw more than 10 million US dollars obtained by Wondershare.


Wondershare’s first major acquisition

2010 was the year that Wondershare successfully completed its first major acquisition. Expanding our portfolio for our users as a result.


Obtained the first round of strategic investment from Zhejiang Huarui

This meant we could increase investment in product research and development, and expand our offering to include image editing, data management, and document editing.


Video converter product launched

This year saw Wondershare make big waves in the audio and video conversion market. Helping users quickly convert audio and video formats seamlessly.


Expanded into the digital images market

Wondershare successfully entered the North American, European, Japanese, and Hong Kong markets for digital imaging software.


Wondershare Technology was established

Wondershare came to life at the foot of the beautiful Lotus Mountain in Shenzhen!

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