How to Setup and Use Chromecast

With the overwhelming amount of mobile devices with multimedia capabilities, it should come as no surprise that these mobile devices are capable of downloading and storing television shows and movies. The issue until now has been that in order to broadcast downloads onto a television or another mobile device (such as a tablet) you needed to go through extensive steps or perhaps even download the media.

Chromecast allows you to stream your downloads on multiple devices without having to worry about all of the nonsense.

Part 1: Chromecast requirements

As you will note, the newer your processor is the better quality your streaming will be. For television you will need to be able to connect the device to your television or have wifi connection to access the Chromecast device. The better your Wi-Fi the better the performance will be.

system requirements chromecast

Part 2: A step by step guide to quick set up Chromecast

Getting your videos streaming straight to your television of mobile device is as easy as 1,2,3. However, we are going to ensure that you know everything so let us review that now.

set up chromecast

Step 1- You have to purchase the Chromecast device. This is a $35 investment and can be found at

Step 2- Attach your Chromcast to the same Wi-Fi connection as your television. Since most people have an x-box or a Wii with Wi-Fi you could do it through here. If you have a television that has direct access to Wi-Fi then plug the Chromcast directly into one of the USB ports.

Step 3- Open your Chromecast app or if you want to stream live open your YouTube account and navigate to the video and play.

Note: It is that easy. Keep in mind that you may need to ensure that you have the Google Chrome app installed on your device. If you do not have google chrome app simply visit and type in Chromecast App to get started.

Part 3: 10 Cool things you can do with Chromecast

chromecast feature 1

1. View and share videos on multiple devices and platforms without having to create multiple accounts. If you have a smartphone or an Apple tablet with internet access, you can connect to your Chromecast.

2. Access it anywhere. Due to the cloud nature of the device you can access your videos without needing to worry about lugging around files.

3. Stream YouTube without the need of gong out of your device and into another app.

4. Have television without the big mess associated with most devices. The tiny device makes for great function without great clutter.

chromecast feature 2

5. Access both movies and music. Chromecast offers access to YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and google play.

6. Watch your movies anywhere. Unlike direct satellite and dish, Chrome cast offers you access anywhere that you can get a connection.

7. Keep watching your movies without sucking power from your device. The power cord that comes with Chromecast allows you to keep the device powered without taking from the battery life of your device. This is essential for devices such as laptops and tablets which are dependent upon their battery and drain quicker with high performance and graphics programs.

chromecast feature 3

8. Not be confined to one house. Where dish and satellite are restrictive to one house (although you may have access to several different rooms) , they do not offer the versatility of Chromecast which offers you full access to your account regardless of the house which you are in. As long as you have the device you can use it.

9. You can turn on your tv with your mobile device. Very nice. No searching for the remote.

10. Turn any android device into another chromecast device. If you have the app on your laptop, phones, tablets, television, etc. you can sync your devices by accessing your account app. However, you can also use your Kindle fire to use Chomecast.

Part 4: What you cannot do

Chromecast at this point will not allow you to access iTunes protected materials. This is to reduce piracy. Neither are you able to access P2P networks such as FrostWire or napster to download your movies. Also, keep in mind that songs which are not in mp3 or mp4 format may not play on the device. This again is an effort to stop piracy.

Part 5: Chrome or not to Chrome

For the investment, Chromecast is definitively worth the $35. Small and easy to use the device has already had a large positive response. Where the device is not a substitute for cable, satellite, or dish it does provide a cheap and effective way in which to watch your favorite shows from anywhere there is Wi-Fi and cloud access.

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I have a mac and i did the setup and all but now i dont know how to use it. There is no icon on my computer for it??????? I need help
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