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PDF Solutions
In Line With International Standards
This customer is an international authoritative testing agency and a third-party notarization firm. It provides a series of services for products, goods and systems, including testing, inspection, certification, audit, risk assessment, consultation and training. Its business covers more than 100 countries and has more than 43,000 professional employees.


Inconvenient File Format Conversion

Staff needs to convert all kinds of PDF documents into editable content or office documents, so they can edit or demonstrate directly to its customers.

Digital Signature Tool

Employees need to collect the data and content according to their scope of responsibility, then submit them to their superior for approval. A tool is needed to quickly sign or seal the document, helping them improve efficiency, or even process documents at home.

Reduce IT Management Burden

This customer needs a set of easy authorization management tools to help IT staff reduce their workload.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Wondershare provides a flexible product authorization and deployment plan. As well as three point-to-point remote technical services to help this company quickly deploy products under complex network environment.

  • Remote Technical Support
  • Free Product Upgrade
  • Quick Response to Demand

Some of the Results We Achieved

With the most cost-effective PDF document management solution, the team's quick response and support make each other's work easier and save a lot of time and cost.

No annual permit audit.
International PDF standard.
Reduce the pressure of enterprise authorization.

What Our Customers Say

They not only helped us upgrade our products for free, but also provided us with remote guidance. Thank you very much for such a user centered team, and I admire your professionalism.

"Professional Service"
"Efficient Support"
"Free Upgrade"
"Improve Business Process Efficiency"

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