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How to Realize Virtual
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Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank is a Parisian investment bank that specializes in different markets. They have 7,395 employees in 32 countries. In 2010, a sustainable financing team was established within the company to assist the bank's major customers in environmental friendly and social responsible business activities. And the bank has also decided to adopt paperless office.


Searching for a reliable PDF solution.

The bank was searching for a reliable PDF solution to assist suppliers to complete the PDF file processing work, such as PDF creation, editing, annotation and conversion. File format must be professional and acceptable to customers.

Seeking software to create, annotate, encrypt and convert PDF files.

The bank needs to transfer the operation results of PDF software to different groups. Since banking business involves highly confidential files, encryption will be an important function when choosing PDF solutions.

Requiring Citrix support for other processes.

IT director of the bank clearly requested that the PDF solution they wanted should be able to run in Citrix environment. Almost all customers use the services provided by Citrix, which is the basis for their cooperation with PDF solution providers.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Wondershare provided a PDFelement trial in their Citrix environment, and provided full technical and customer support during the period. After adopting Wondershare's solution, paper and printing costs were reduced substantially. Thanks to those savings in time and paper, their document exchange speed has reduced by 50%.

  • Citrix Environment Compatibility
  • PDF Standard Compliance
  • Paperless Office Switch

Some of the Results We Achieved

Help the bank go further on the road of paperless office and environmental financial projects.

Improved paperless processes.
Complied with international standards.
Supported a Citrix Network environment.

What Our Customers Say

Thanks to Wondershare PDFelement the bank only deals with electronic documents instead of paper.

"Zero learning curve"
"Easy editing"
" Smooth experience"

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