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Drawing Software with Privatization Deployment Service
SEAGP is a company registered in Hong Kong. It is responsible for the survey, design, construction, and operation management of Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project (Myanmar Section).


Expensive Visio Licensing.

Reducing elevated costs in Visio products and features.

Diagramming Compatibility Limited.

Catering to diverse graphic and diagram needs in the internal teams of the company.

Collaboration Challenges.

Enhancing communications and collaboration.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Wondershare provided EdrawMax as the most robust tool for all their mind mapping, Gantt chart, and project management needs. At the same time, Wondershare provided support for a seamless deployment service in offline environments, so that teams could easily distribute authorizations in private network environments.

  • Cost-Efficient Solutions
  • Project Management Visualization
  • Easy Authorizations and Collaboration

Some of the Results We Achieved

This all-in-one product enables customer to solve almost all office diagramming needs. And it improves the efficiency of collaboation across the company.

Implemented a unique diagramming solution.
Elevated the project management all across the enterprise.
Improved collaboration and input on all stages of design.

What Our Customers Say

They are very satisfied with the comprehensive functions of EdrawMax and consider it the ideal solution to be used by every department of the company.

" Efficient"

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