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Online Authorization
Management System for Educational Institutions
Singapore International School was first established in 1991 in Kennedy Town with around 200 pupils.


Inconvenient Authorization Management

The school had to distribute and recycle authorizations manually withhout a management system.

Windows/Mac Authorization Confusions

Some users had Mac and some others Windows, managementof these accound was an important issue, but also a time consuming one.

Mac had different functions

Professional PDF editing functions on Mac were hard to access and there was no compatibility.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

With the help of Wondershare, Singapore International School improved it's efficiency and worflow thanks to PDFelement's professional batch processing functions.

  • Online authorization management system
  • Unique account system
  • Similar UX on diverse OS

Some of the Results We Achieved

Wondershare helped Singapore International School use the same system to manage the authorizations on Windows and Mac online, which solved their long-standing troubles.

Convenient authorization management
Friendly interactive experience
Cross-platform support

What Our Customers Say

We no longer experience restrictions on different platforms and we can use all PDF functions freely.

"Empathetic "

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