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Quick, Complete Data and System Recovery Software

Rescue data, backup files and much more with one powerful bootable CD or USB.

  • This is an absolutely incredible program!! I just spent the best money ever on this software. The software is user friendly . It definitely worked for me. My Windows Winload.exe file got deleted due to a software installation. After numerous hours of trying things, and searching for help on the net I was getting nowhere, I was blessed to come across the Wondershare web site. I am not a computer whiz, however, I managed to get my computer back up and running in no time (not to mention saved well over $100 by using their software). People, I strongly recommend giving this product a try! As for me, I think it is incredible. I would not hesitate to purchase any of their products after trying this one. Thank you Wondershare! You saved my sanity!

    - Glor

    I use it for many problems and i always success. Thanks Wondershare and its Developer''s team.

  • This program helped me to recover my stuck laptop and it was extremely easy to use. I wish there was a version for Windows 8! But thank you for your excellent program.

    - Giusi

    As a software designer i used this product to boot my Llaptop and it saved my life wow it really did ! Thanks a lot

    - Besfort
  • used Liveboot for the first time excellent tool

    - Rob

    very high quality programs

    - Rıza
  • As a Computer Engineer, I tried to fix my non bootable laptop without success. After trying numerous boot discs, recovery discs and windows discs, none of them would get my Vista laptop up and running... Except you guys

    - Matej

    I get requests all the time to fix peoples computers. I have used all kinds of boot disks, utilities, boot managers, partition managers etc. etc. This is the first program that actually managed to fix the pc inside of 10 minutes. I backed up everything just to make sure - the backup took 6 hours, and then 10 minutes for the wondershare live boot. My customer is back in business, thanks for a great product.

    - Jack Vanders
  • As a Computer Engineer, I tried to fix my non bootable laptop without success. After trying numerous boot discs, recovery discs and windows discs, none of them would get my Vista laptop up and running. I was about to give up and re-install Windows again when I read about LiveBoot 2012 and decided to get the disc. Amazingly, it fixed my laptop within minutes. Brilliant piece of software and recommended for computer engineers and home users alike :)

    - Darren

    After approx 5 hrs of reading numerous blogs/support rooms/forums on what to do to get my laptop's operating system installed - i had come to the conclusion that i would have to reinstall not only Windows 8 (my operating system) but also Windows 7 as I purchased the upgrade software and that without a disc was going to be a long excercise. Then i came across the LiveBoot software and for the price I paid, it is indeed a bargain. Worked exactly as the instructions said it would and I am so glad I found this software!!!!

    - Marc Ellis

All You Need To Come Back from Crashes

No matter your computer/hard drive is crashed, doesn't boot at all, or can't get into Windows for any reason, Wondershare LiveBoot CD can take them all. Integrating with the latest Microsoft WinPE 3.0 technology, this bootable CD/USB drive allows you to boot up any computer, as well as fix computer booting problems, recover Windows, rescue data, partition or clone disk, wipe data and more, over 40+ utility functions in total. The user-friendly interface simplifies the complicated repair procedures into only a few clicks for both savvy users and newbie. Let your crashed PC easily boot from CD/USB now! (Note: The current version is not fully compatible with windows 8. It only can boot up your computer, Clone Hard Drive, Backup & Restore File and System, Partition, Format Hard Drive at bootable mode.)

Note: It's pretty easy to make a CD or a bootable USB drive with LiveBoot on your own, so Wondershare doesn't provide a CD disc now. You can make it with a blank CD or USB drive in one click under the help of the LiveBoot software.

Main Functions of Boot CD/USB for Windows

Windows Recovery - This boot disc provides a complete solution set for all Windows crash and booting problems including booting failure, virus infection, blue/black screen, and more.

Password & Key Finder - This boot CD/USB for Windows can help to reset Windows password when you forget the login password and find Windows or Office product key when you want to reinstall them.

Data Recovery - This bootable disk can rescue any data from your internal/external hard disk or partitions no matter deleted, formatted, or whole disk corrupted, including documents, archives, emails, photos, videos, and audio files.

Disk Management - This DOS boot disk offers complete disk management solutions including partition management, and disk/partition cloning, disk/partition wipe, and more.

Rapidly Rescue a Crashed Computer

Rapidly Rescue a Crashed Computer

Boot up computer if it's infected by virus.
Recover fast from crashes such as blue screen and black screen.
Fix booting problems, random crashes and missing file crashes such as 'ntldr is missing', 'bootmgr is missing', etc.
Repair partition table, corrupted registry, virus-infected registry key value, and crashed MBR even it's infected by virus.
Recover system files with 1 click.
Rescue Windows 98/ME/2K/HOME/2003/XP/NT/Vista and Windows 7.
Boot up any computer

Boot up any computer

Boot up any desktop or laptop when you cannot enter Windows, your computer crashes, or you want to work under boot environment.
Boot up computer by inserting boot CD to your CD drive or plugging in bootable USB, and restarting your computer.
Use the latest WinPE 3.0 technology - 100% hardware compatibility.
Reclaim Passwords and Keys

Reclaim Passwords and Keys

Reset Windows password when you forgot the login password.
Find Windows key when you want to reinstall them without hundreds of dollars cost.
Find Microsoft Office product key for reinstall to avoid a second purchase.
Rescue data from crashed computer or hard drive

Rescue data from crashed computer or hard drive

Transfer files (photo, music, document, etc.) to external storage devices if your computer or hard drive is badly damaged or cannot be restored.
Rescue files from formatted or crashed hard drive.
Rescue files from crashed Windows.
Clone entire hard drive and partition

Clone entire hard drive and partition

Clone entire hard drive or partitions to an internal or external disk.
The cloned hard drive will be bootable.
Support all Windows version, IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire, and more.
Wipe entire hard drive or partition

Wipe entire hard drive or partition

Deep wipe the entire hard drive or partition with 1 click. It can be used for the below purposes.

Give you a fresh start when you want to reinstall Windows.
Kill virus when your computer is infected with boot sector virus.
Speed up hard drive when you want to clean an old hard drive.
Prevent your data and files from recovering by data recovery software when you want to donate your computer.
Partition, format and clean your disk

Partition, format and clean your disk

Provide perfect partition management - creating, deleting, resizing, formatting, copying, hiding, etc.
Flexible enough for you to clone a partition or entire hard drive to an internal or external disk as you like.
Recover MBR (Master Boot Record), rebuild the lost partition table, and surface scan to check for bad sectors.
Backup and restore your files, folders, partitions or entire disks.
DOS Command Environment

DOS Command Environment

This DOS boot disk provides MS-DOS command environment with all major DOS commands such as chkdsk, debug, fdisk, DiskCopy, Scandisk, etc.

Recover your Windows CD key

Recover your Windows CD key

Retrieve Windows product key with 1-click from crashed or good computer.

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