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Best 7 Android Photo Manager: Manage Android Photo and Photo Gallery with Ease

Would like to record your life by capturing photos with your Android phone or tablet? After storing countless photos, you might like to manage them, like preview photos, set a photo as wallpaper, transfer photos to PC for backup, or delete photos to free up space? Here, this article mainly tells you how to manage Android photos with apps.

Part 1: The Default Camera and Photo Gallery App on Your Android Phone or Tablet

As you know, there is a default camera app to let you capture photos and shoot videos, and photo gallery app to preview and delete photos, or set photo as the wallpaper. When you mount your Android phone as an external hard drive, you can even transfer photos to and from the computer.

android picture manager      android image manager

However, sometimes you may like to do more than that, like lock some personal photos, sort photos, or share them among your families and friends. To make it, you can resort to some photo management apps for Android phone and tablet. In the next part, I'm going to share a list of top 5 photo management apps with you.

Part 2. The Best Android Photo Manager to Manage all Android Photos Effortlessly

If you are finding an Android Photo Manager tool to manage, transfer, backup, delete all Android photos, Wondershare MobileGo or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) would be your best choice. It's the best Android Photo Manager for all Android phones and tablets.

3,656,129 people have downloaded it
Install, export, uninstall Android photo manager apps for Android in batches, and move them to SD card.
Offer the Google Play store to let you download your desired photo manager apps
Put all the photo albums together, in case you might forget them in someplace.
Drag and drop photos to and from your Android phone and tablet.
View the photos in slideshow and get detailed info about them.
Delete multiple photos to make room for other data.
Capture Android screen in 1 click and share with your friends.
Work for Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony, Motorola and more.

1. Manage Android Photos Directly from the Computer

Install and launch MobileGo Android Photo Manager. By clicking Photos, you get the photo management window on the right. As you see, under Photos category, there are Camera and Library subcategories. Then, you can drag and drop lots of photos to and from the computer, delete all or selected photos at a time, and view the detailed info about the photos, like save path, created time, size, format, etc.

picture manager for android

2. Install, Uninstall, Backup Android Picture Manager Apps in Batches

Wondershare MobileGo is not only an android photo manager tool, but also a desktop Android app manager tool. The following would introduce 7 Android Photo Manager apps, you can download and install with MobileGo.

Click the Download buttons to download the Windows or Mac version on your computer. Here, lets take the Windows version as a try. Connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer either via a USB cable or over WiFi (WiFi connection is only available for the Windows version right now).

After connected, your Android phone or tablet shows up in the primary window. Go to the top left corner and click Google Play Apps. Then, search your wanted photo management apps and install them to your Android phone or tablet. (You can also add your favorite app websites to the left column to download apps.)

Then, click Appsin the left column. When the app management window appears on the right, you can begin to install, export, uninstall or move photo management apps.

photo manager for android

3,656,129 people have downloaded it

Part 3. Best 7 Android Photo and Video Gallery Management Apps

Apps Supported OS Ratings Price
QuickPic Android 2.0 and up 4.7/5 Free
PicsArt - Photo Studio Vary with devices 4.5/5 Free
flayvr photo gallery (flavor) Android 2.2 and up 4.3/5 Free
Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl) Android 2.1 and up 4.3/5 Free
Photo Editor Pro Android 2.3 and up 4.3/5 Free
Photo Editor & Photo Gallery Android 4.0 and up 4.2/5 Free
My Photo Manager Android 2.2 and up 4.1/5 Free

1 QuickPic

QuickPic is regarded as a perfect Android photo gallery and video management app in the world. It's free and no ads are inserted. With it, you're able to easily browse photos on your Android phone and tablet and quickly find the new photos. After taking photos, you can use it to slide show them at It's best. If you have many photos which you would not like to share with others, you can hide them by using a password. As for the common photo management, like rotate, crop, or shrink photos, set wallpaper, sort or rename photos, create new photo albums, and move photos, QuickPic works very well.

Download QuickPic from Google Play Store>>

android photo manager

2 PicsArt - Photo Studio

PicsArt – Photo Studio is a free photo drawing and editing tool. It helps to transform photos on your Android phone and tablet into works of art. With it, you can create new collages in photo grids, draw photos with abundant features, like artistic brushes, layers and more, and share photos in the social network.

Download PicsArt - Photo Studio from Google Play Store>>

android photo management

3 flayvr photo gallery (flavor)

Flayvr photo gallery (flavor) is another free photo gallery replacement app. According to the shooting time, it stores and sorts photos and videos in the same event in the exciting and fun albums, so that you can share them with your friends or keep them secured. Besides this cool feature, it allows you to play videos in the background while previewing the photos

Download flayvr photo gallery (flavor) from Google Play Store>>

android photo management app

4 Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl)

Photo Gallery is an easy-to-use picture and video manager app for Android. By using it, you can browse, share, rotate, crop, resize, move, share, as well as delete pictures with ease. In addition, you can customize wallpaper with your favorite picture, make notes with pictures and albums, and preview them in the way of the slide show. You can also lock your private pictures to keep them safe.

Download Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl) from Google Play Store>>

best android photo management app

5Photo Editor Pro

As its name suggests, Photo Edit Pro is used to edit photos with lots of amazing effects. It enables you to rotate, crop, straighten photos, and add text to any photo. Besides the common features, it lets you adjust brightness, balance color, splash color and more to make your photo look better and beautiful. After editing photos, you can share them with your friends on the social network.

Download Photo Editor Pro from Google Play Store>>

best photo management app android

6 Photo Editor & Photo Gallery

Photo Editor & Photo Gallery is an awesome Android photo managing app. It gives you the power to easily do photo management, photo editing, photo sharing and photo effects.

Photo management: Create, merge and delete photo albums. Rename, sort, copy, move, delete, rotate and review photos.

Photo editing: Rotate and draw photos, and change location info.

Photo sharing: Share any photos in your circle via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr as well as Sina Weibo.

Photo effects: Add notes or stamps.

Download Photo Editor & Photo Gallery from Google Play Store>>

photo management app android

7 My Photo Manager

My Photo Manager is a simple photo manager app for Android. It has a default camera for you to take photos. However, it's mainly used to help you protect your private photos by hiding them. Of course, you can view the photos, delete photos, or move photos to the public folder which can be viewed by anyone.

Download My Photo Manager from Google Play Store>>

best photo management app for android


Android Photo Manager - One Stop Solution to Manage Your Android Photo and Photo Gallery

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  • Optimze your device on the go with the MobileGo app.

They're downloading



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Try out Levipic ;)
Well, thats quite an helpful article, thank you for that one! I personally also like apps that are concerned with deleting my photos, that are way to much to help me create some more storage place again, for that one I use the rat pack challenge. A hamster is just satisfied if you delete your pics, for me great, easy-going and funny.
Some of these apps are really nice and I''m using QuickPic too. However, I think you should have mentioned some new (or newer) apps too, like the Rat Pack Challenge. It''s actually one of my favourite photo manager apps. Because it helps you managing the amount and the memory of your pics :-) Maybe you already know about this app and didn''t mention it because it''s also considered as game. However, if you don''t know maybe you''ll put it into your next post, because it helps users to gain more memory back and to fight their inner rat packer by helping you deleting the unnecessary pictures on your cell phone. And I think more people would love to hear about that, at least I did ;-)
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