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Download and Install Microsoft .NET

Failed to install the program, for Microsoft.Net is not installed on the computer.

What's Microsoft .NET?

The .NET Framework is an integral Windows component. It supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services. And it's mainly designed to achieve the following goals:

1. Whether object code is stored and executed locally, or executed locally but Internet-distributed, or executed remotely, it provides you with a consistent object-oriented programming environment.

2. Provide a code-execution environment which reduces software deployment and versioning conflicts.

3. Offer a code-execution environment that can promote safe execution of code, including code generating by an unknown or semi-trusted 3rd party.

4. To provide a code-execution environment that gets rid of the performance problems of scripted or interpreted environments.

5. Make the developer experience consistent across widely varying kinds of applications like the Web-based applications and Windows-based applications.

6. Build all communication on industry standards to make sure that code based on the .NET Framework can successfully integrate with any other code.

To download Microsoft .NET, please click here.

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