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2014-03-03 09:24:16
Can do many things.. by Program User

I could mark it as a very nice software, its customizability makes it more nice. Someone said that it isn\'t customizable and you are not able to change bit rate but if you go to setting->Format you can change sample rate and bit rate (unfortunately it has an option to change encoding but it includes only .mp3 file format). You can select/change output folder, auto-split when changing song (after an amount of silenced time). It can auto-detect tags (album, artist, etc.) but you can customize it on your own if it isn\'t able to find the correct tags... The only problem is that my PC performance is low and sometimes it can\'t afford it and lagging

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2014-01-24 11:47:01
Its good but... by R Shah

It\'s good but it could do with a bit more customizability, like choosing the bitrate, tagging and various other options. It is good for spotify and various other music streamers though - it does the job

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2013-12-22 07:15:19
Fabulous by Silentvoice62

Problem solver. Easy to use, and sound quality is great.

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2013-12-18 15:01:17
Works great by Heather Wagner

This software can record songs to mp3 off the Spotify software. Thanks.

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2013-12-12 12:41:01
Excellent product by Chimpmaster

Easy to use, best product of its kind. Excellent job

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2013-12-11 22:58:44
Super program by Paul Wade

I\'ve been looking for a program like this for a very long time! It\'s just what I needed and it works great!!!

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2013-11-16 06:02:18
Transfer to new computer by Ian McGee

Thanks for your excellent backup and prompt response in helping me transfer wonder share audio recorder to my new laptop.

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2013-10-25 08:28:17
think yu by fouu

think you for this beautiful programe and sorry

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2013-10-16 19:40:30
Eng simao by simao

greetings been looking for a software in order to record lectures on youtube,must say, am quite satisfied with wondershare, quite simple to use.

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2013-09-30 02:06:21
The program I\'ve been looking for since 5 years ago by Paco López

I have been looking in the software desert for years looking a program which does exactly the thing this do, seems pretty simple but noone does it. I download the trial and 15 minutes later i purchased the license. I always prefer a free alternative, but for this, is so much time looking for this exact software, that I didn\'t hesitate

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