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How to Make a iPhoto Slideshow to Play on Apple TV

As the built-in photo managing and editing application, iPhoto enables you to make the most of your photos. You can orgnize all images on your Mac, edit any photo for enhancement, create photo slideshow, photo books, greeeting cards and more. Here is a iPhoto slideshow tutorial to show you how to make a iPhoto slideshow, and play on TV including your Apple TV 3 in details.

Part 1: How to Make Slideshows with iPhoto

iPhoto '11 makes is easier to make a slide show. Just select the photos that you want to include in the slideshow, and choose New Slideshow from File menu. You could then type a name for the new created slideshow under SLIDESHOW category. Below is the thumbnail of iPhoto slideshow making interface.

iphoto slideshow making

iPhoto includes some themes for you to make slideshow in pre-design styles. Click Themes button to browse slideshow themes in a new windows and select the favorite one. Click Choose button to apply. You can drag and drop photos on top to re-arrange the photos. Then a slideshow is done.

Part 2: How to Watch iPhoto Slideshow on Apple TV

To watch iPhoto slideshow on Apple TV, you can sync iPhoto slideshow to Apple TV with iTunes. To export the slideshow to iTunes, first select Export from File menu and go to Slideshow tab. Select AppleTV and finally click Export button to start the creation.

export iphoto slideshow

Tip: If you selected the "Automatically send slideshow to iTunes" option, the exported Slideshow will be added to iTunes, which allows you to sync iPhoto slideshow to Apple TV for playback.

Once your Apple TV has correctly connected to your Mac, you could find it under DEVICES in iTunes. Choose it and go to Movies tab to transfer iPhoto slideshow to ATV. See how to connect your Apple TV by cables.

Now you've got the iPhoto slideshow on your Apple TV, you can easily find it from the TV menu and play it like a charm. Taking Apple TV 2nd generation for example, you can go to "Computers" on your Apple TV menu, find the iPhoto slideshow video you've synced to Apple TV, select it to play.

apple tv menu

Note: You can only create some simple photo slideshows via iPhoto. To make your own slideshow with stunning effects, a professional slideshow maker like Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is a better choice. It comes with eye-catching slideshow themes for you to transform photos and music intro FANTASTIC movies like a pro. What's more, you can easily export the slideshow and play on Apple TV. Guide of DVD Slideshow Builder >>

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Click the Title (T) button and select the style of text you want to use
You can drag and drop photos on top to rearrange photos.
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Just follow the tip above (Part 2).
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Thanks for using Wondershare software. Generally speaking, the photos imported are in file name order, but you can drag them to make an order. Regards.
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