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How to Transfer PDF to iPad mini/iPad with Retina display

At discussions.apple.com, some people are asking the question ‘how to transfer PDF files to iPad. Since PDF is one of PDF eBook formats, there are several ways to transfer PDF files to iPad. With one of them, you'll transfer PDF files to iPad for reading freely. The following are several simple ways to transfer PDF files to iPad. Hope you'll like it.

Free Ways to Transfer PDF Files to iPad

    Use emails to send PDF files to iPad
    Transfer PDF eBooks to iPad with iTunes
    Put PDF eBooks in Cloud-based apps

Use Emails to Send PDF Files to iPad

If your iPad can access to the network via Wi-Fi or 3G network, you can attach PDF files to an email and sent them to yourself. Next, connect your iPad with network and open your email in Safari or an email app. Tap a PDF attachment in the email to bring up Arrow icon Open in option. Click it to select an app to open the PDF file. Basically, iBooks is one of the options to open the PDF file.

transfer PDF files to iPad

Transfer PDF eBooks to iPad with iTunes

If you don't mind hook up iPad with your computer, iTunes is the best tool to transfer PDF eBooks to iPad in batch. Connect your iPad with iTunes and launch iTunes. Click File > Add File to Library, select PDF eBooks in your local hard drive to add them to iTunes Library. The latest iTunes displays your iPad on the top right. Click it to enter the management mode. Click Books tab and select Sync Books. And you can select all books or selected books in iTunes Library.

transfer PDF to iPad

Put PDF eBooks in Cloud-based apps

Now Clould-based apps are available and most of them are free to use. You can put your PDF files in the Cloud, and later get them saved to iPad for reading. Among these Cloud-based apps, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc. I've mentioned how to send PDF files to iPad with Dropbox. It's very simple. Just register an account > put PDF files in the cloud via website or app for desktop > log in (on app or webpage) with the same account on iPad > Sync and get PDF eBooks. To find more Dropbox similar Cloud-based app, click here.

Tips & Tricks

Though PDF is supported by iPad, it's not as popular as EPUB. EPUB eBook is the basic eBook format for iPad because it can adjust the text to fit on screen. You may find that eBooks bought in iBooks Store, iTunes Store or App Store are almostly all in EPUB format. If you want to enhance your reading experience, you can try Wondershare PDF to EPUB Converter to convert PDF to EPUB.

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worked great
Haven't encountered such kind of situation when opening with iBooks.
When I try to open the books, it says it was formatted incorrectly? Any idea how this could happen?
EPUB is designed for reflowable content. iBooks in iPad can optimize the text to fit it on iPad. You'll see that reading an EPUB eBook is quite different from reading a PDF file on iPad. It is more comfortable and brilliant. Maybe that's why Apple sells EPUB eBook in iTunes Store. I myself like reading EPUB eBooks on iPad.
this worked great.. however the most important point here is "Launch iTunes and Click File>Add Files to Library to upload the target PDF documents to iTunes Library." This does it with pdf's or this new format and i can still enlarge and scale all my pdf's to the required size and resolution. this solved my problem but by default showing me the already built in function
It Worked really well with me... You have got to be really well at this if you really want this to work for you.
Yeah, this is no particular good way to organize things. I want a collection like a folder. All technical books have a folder and all fiction books have another folder/list. If music is so easy to organize in iTunes why not books as wel.... .
Hey, Bruceking, Absolutely Apple accepts these EPUB eBooks for publishing on their iBooks Store. Good luck~
Dear Maryshaneureta, The first thing you need to make sure is that you've successfully synced these converted EPUB eBooks to iPad. If you've successed in syncing EPUB eBooks to iPad, by default, you'll find them in the shelf of iBooks. Launch iBooks on your iPad to find them.
i converted the file, syncd the book to my ipad thru itunes but when im browsing my ipad for e-reading.. i can't find my file? why is that? thank u :) please help