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Android App Installer: Easy to Install/Export/Uninstall Apps to Android from PC

"I prefer to download some apps for my Android phone on my computer when I come across some nice apps recommended during my website viewing. But when I'm finished with my work and want to try those apps, I don't know how to install them to my Android phone. It would be a shame to discard them all. Thanks! "

You really don't need to discard those apps downloaded on your computer, and there is an easy way for you to install them all to your Android phone with only one click.

All you need is an powerful Android app installer: Wondershare MobileGo . When you're a Mac user, please try Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac).

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Note: In the following guide, I'll show you how to install/export/uninstall APK files on your Android phone or tablet with the help of this powerful Android app installer for windows - Wondershare MobileGo. For Mac users, you can also take the similar steps when using Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac).

Run this app installer for Android on your computer. Then, connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer with a USB cable, or through Wi-Fi. Just choose the way you like. And then go to "Apps" tab, where you can install apps from PC, uninstall apps from your Android phone, even export apps to your computer.

app installer android

Install your apps from PC to Android

Here you can know how to install app on Android via PC. In the primary window, all your installed apps are listed in the "Apps" panel. Click "Install" to import all APK files you downloaded or shared by your friends either to the SD Card or Phone Storage. Then all the files will be installed to your Android phone one by one. When it finishes, you'll find all apps are properly installed on your phone.

android app installe

Export your apps from Android to PC

Not only installing apps from your computer to Android phone, you  can also use this Android app installer to export your apps on your phone to the computer. It's very easy. Select the apps that you want to export, and then hit on "Export" and choose a place to store them. OK. They have been exported to your computer now and you can share them with your friends easily.

app installer for android

Uninstall your apps on Android

If you want to manage your apps and only leave your favorite ones, you can clear all the unwanted apps with one click. Select the ones that you want to remove, and hit on "Uninstall" . Then all the selected apps will be completely removed from your phone. You can choose to uninstall them one by one, or uninstall them all at one time.

app installer for android

What's more, this best software for installing Android application on laptop computers can do more, such as download Android apps via computer, back up and transfer your Contacts, SMS, music, movies and photos between your phone and the computer. It's really a great assistant for your Android phone/tablet. Just download it now and make it easy to manage your Android content!

Click here to play the video tutorial about how to install/export/uninstall apps with this Android app installer.

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I don’t understand how this program works. I have bought an app in Google Play Store, which I want to transfer to my phone. Phone’s own data connection and WiFi can’t do it – believe me. So – how do I move the app from the Google Play Store to the phone!?
You need to connect the phone to manage the data, such as install/uninstall apps, etc.
can you not install an application without connecting to your phone?
Thomas Jones
You can download and install other browsers on your Android phone. Run it and set it as the default.
How to use another browser instead of Internet explorer for example chrome for its playstore! pls answers?
Thomas Jones
Hi, adil, we have fixed the problem. Just try it again. If possible, you'd better update MobileGo to the latest version.
adil xaif
nice software brother but some time install the apps easily but mostly i show this error"fail to analyze source link"??i did get any sloution after 4 month so far plz tell me admin hot to solve?
Thomas Jones
A new version of Wondershare MobileGo for Android will be released soon. At that time, this problem will be solved out.
it shows the status as fail to analyse the link! what to do?
Thomas Jones
Go to Activity monitor and find the MobileGoService and quite it.