Video Player Apps (iOS & Android)

According to eMarketer and mobiThinking (2014), 4 out of 5 global Internet users will be a mobile web user. On top of that, numerous data gathered has also shown that the mobile traffic has increased dramatically over the previous years. The weighted average time spent on the Internet through mobile devices are 2.1 hours per day. At the same time, there's a noticable declining trend in users watching videos on TV from 3.5 (2011) to 3.1 hours per day (2013). Due to the preference of online video viewing, the Internet traffic (collected during prime time) has increased up to 37%.

Built-in Video Players

  • The video player comes pre-installed with the mobile devices and is ready for your video playback.
  • It can playback most of the commonly used video file formats with a standard set of parameters.
  • Built-in video players are defaulted to your mobile devices, hence less prone to crashes and other playback issues.
  • Video Player Apps

  • Simply download the video player apps from either Google Play or iTunes depending on the operating system of your mobile devices.
  • You can either download and install a video player app from the official video sites or an external (3rd party) video player app.
  • The video player app normally offers a higher compatibility in terms of file format for playback as well as features or settings.
  • Apps from Official Video Sites

    Most users prefer to use video player apps from the official video sites because it's easier to search or browse for videos in the specific database. On top of that, all videos that are found on the site can also be playback with almost no issues at all. The only thing that may affect the playback is your Wi-Fi connection. Apart from that, you might find features available in each of the apps to differ slightly form each another. That for instance, the convenience to download or share videos. Take a look at their respective features by selecting an app below:

    hulu watch free videos


  • Watch more than 59,000+ videos (some might require subscription to Hulu Plus which comes with limited advertising)

  • Personalize playlists by adding favorites to Queue

  • Mirror contents on your devices to the TV

  • Resumes watching from where you've left or stopped it last time

  • Compatible for both Android and iOS
  • External or 3rd Party Video Player Apps

    If you wish to have an additional or external video player app on your mobile devices for increased playback compatibility, you can always install one (or several) from the recommended apps. The 3rd party video player apps are well-designed to work on top of your current or existing video players without conflicting issues. You can use them to play VOB, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, MP4, MOV and more on Android and iOS devices. All you need is to either set it to default or simply choose to playback with the external app after selecting a certain video. Check out what else you can do with your favorite video with either one of the apps listed below:

    realplayer cloud download free movies online


  • Online video search with voice command and bookmark functions

  • Widget on home screen to control playback (when the device is locked)

  • Contents shareable on popular social media sites

  • Upgradeable features (metadata editing, equalizer, rmvb support and etc.)

  • Capable of playing VOB, AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV on iOS and Andriod devices.
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