How to Recover Forgotten Hotmail Password in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

If you forgot your hotmail password accidentally, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the password you've entered is correct, especially be sure that the Caps Lock isn't on. If it's still helpless, then you can try to reset forgotten hotmail password with Windows Live in 4 steps.

Step1. Click on the link for "Can't access your account" under the password entering boxing.

Step2. Check "I forgot my password" and click the "Reset your password" showing under it.

Step3. Enter your Windows Live ID and the characters you see in the picture and go to "Next".

Step4. Select an option for resetting your password. "Email me a reset link" if you have set a secondary email address for your hotmail, or choose to answer a "Security Question" that you set before for your password security. Then you can reset your forgotten hotmail password easily.

If you didn't have a secondary email address and can't remember the answer to your security question, there is still another solution for you. You can get a third-party program that can help to find back your forgotten password for hotmail.

The password finder of Wondershare WinSuite 2012 enables you to find out almost all hidden passwords like forgotten hotmail password, MSN password, Windows Live password, Outlook password, Gmail password and more. And it works well with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and their family versions.With the help of this amazing program, you can find back your hotmail password with ease.

Retrieve forgotten hotmail password with Winsuit 2012

Now, launch Wondershare WinSuite 2012 and follow the steps below to retrieve your forgotten hotmail password.

Step1. Install and run the the WinSuite on your computer, and click on the "Password & Key Finder" on the main interface of it. Then hit on the "Password Finder" which allows you to find back your forgotten password for hotmail.

forgot hotmail password

Step2. Now you're at the password finder center, where you can choose the password type that you are about to recover. For hotmail password, you need to check the first one, Windows Live ID. Then move to "Next".

forgot my hotmail password

Step3. Here your forgotten hotmail account and password are scanned out and displayed. You can write it down on your note, or export it by hitting on the "Export" button, to store it on your computer.

hotmail forgot password

Now you can access your hotmail with the original password as usual now. Please make sure the password is secure and don't save it on the public place to prevent unauthotized accessing. The best way is to change a strong password for it.

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If you have ever saved your Yahoo mail password in login bar, you can use Wondershare Winsuit 2012 to retrieve your password.
Fehmina Adeel
I have been using my hotmail &yahoo since 2000 .I made primary email to yahoo and for yahoo I made hotmail.problem is that I forget both pass word.plz help me ........ I had lots of memories in my ID.
Hira basnet
I forgot my passwoed 3-4 month ago
can somebody help me !!?? i forgot my password on hotmail and i wanna back my facebook how can i do that ?
for got my password
A Grumpy Reader
Why would I spend 40$ to find one password I've forgot.. why isn't their a free one-time use trial or something..
Sorry, Wondershare only has this Windows version right now.
I tried al the methods of hotmail to recover my password without any luck. I'd like to try Winsuite but i work on mac... Is there a simular program for osx?
And may I add I don't have a security Question ..
I forgot my password for my hotmail email account. I did the part were they send the reset password link to your secondary email.. and the secondary email isn't right .. I don't have the password to my secondary email .. either and if I go to customer support it basically does nothing for me so it says come back in 24hrs for more options when I come back in 24hrs for more options it just brings me back to the same problem all over again.. Can you help me please.?
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